Sunday, 23 October 2016

Negro "professor" Kehinde Andrews speaking about "White Privilege" last year 

A negro has claimed that Britain's universities are institutionally racist slave plantations because negro students are unable to pass their exams as readily as non-negro students and because negro members of staff struggle to reach the upper echelons of the academic hierarchy.
Britain’s first black studies professor has made a scathing attack on his own profession, denouncing universities as “no less institutionally racist than the police force”. Kehinde Andrews, associate professor in sociology at Birmingham City University (BCU), likened universities to “the master’s house” and said some academics were like “overseers on the plantation”. 
Andrews, who will start teaching the black studies degree course at BCU next year, said: “The history of universities is the history of oppression. Universities are not just complicit, they produce racism. They are no less institutionally racist than the police force.” 
More than 92% of British professors are white, according to official figures, and only 60 of the 14,000 most senior academics are black. Ethnic minority students are more likely to attend university but are less likely to finish their course or gain a first-class degree. 
Andrews, who was speaking at a conference to mark Black History Month, also attacked the “white curriculum”, saying it was so entrenched that “decolonising” it would be impossible.


  1. So, "affirmative action" (that is, PREJUDICE AGAINST NATIVE CAUCASIANS IN FAVOUR OF NEGROIDS) results in more 'ethnic minority students' attending universities in Western countries (thus denying native Caucasians their rightful places in their own universities which were founded, run, staffed and paid for by Caucasians more over a millenium in some cases) BUT because the Negroes have a lower I.Q. than Caucasians (70s for the former, 90-120 for the latter), the Negroes are unable to complete the courses. Either one dumbs down the courses to accommodate this inherent racial intelligence inferiority (that is what is presently being done throughout Western academia at all levels) or one starts speaking the blunt truth about the inequalities which exist between races and the racial injustice of destroying and denigrating the most successful race in human history (Caucasians) in favour of a race with a proven track record of non-success overall.