Thursday, 27 October 2016

Contemplate the implications of this ruling from a Belgian court. A Syrian family living in Syria applied for a visa so that they could come to Belgium and apply for asylum there. The government denied the application but a court has now overruled them and ordered that the visa be granted. This is a green light for the billions of Afro-Asians living in primitive failed societies to come to Europe almost without restriction. Even when an asylum scammer's application is rejected, they are almost never removed from the country.
Theo Francken, Belgium’s secretary of state for migration, said he will appeal a court ruling that the country must grant a visa to a Syrian family wanting to apply for asylum in Belgium, according to local broadcaster VRT. 
The Belgian Court of First Instance ruled the state must pay a penalty of €4,000 for each day the visa is delayed. The Syrian family of four is seeking an official visa to come to Belgium without traveling by sea. They claim they will apply for asylum as soon as they are in the country. 
Secretary of State Theo Francken called the decision “insane” and said he will appeal. Currently, people can only apply for asylum in a country if they are actually on its territory. 
“It will open the door to thousands of people,” Francken said. “If we allow people to come to Belgium with a visa to apply for asylum, the whole system will collapse.”


  1. The EU totalitarians know that the EU is hated by Europeans and that, with all European countries' economies foundering (the EU has the lowest economic growth of any trading entity, world-wide), people are awakening to its lies and failures, so the EU is determined to push forward the Coudenhove=Kalergi Project to convert Europe into a Afro-Asian continent, displacing and eventually enslaving and/or destroying the Caucasian Christian Europeans as quickly as possible. Armed resistance, and the overthrow of the EU, and the execution of its leaders is rapidly becoming the only viable alternative course; anyone who believes that overturning court decisions, or holding national elections, will change the situation for the better, is naive beyond belief. Strache in Austria was speaking recently of the possibility of a civil war in Austria due to the injustice and criminality of the invasion by aliens.

    1. this has nothing to do with Ue .It was a decision of the Belgian courts.
      The Swiss, Norway and Russia are three countries that host invaders, none of the three are part of the EU.

    2. The courts of individual European countries cannot make rulings which conflict with the EU; over 80% of British Law is now derived from European law, these courts are under the control of the EU. TOO has an article up about the enormous push in Britain, principally by Jewish organisations, to bring in bogus 'child refugees' without any reference to so-called, bogus 'family reunification'. There is no real legal system in any European country which can act independently of the EU and clearly the Belgian court has its marching orders.