Thursday, 6 October 2016

Jews have been associated throughout the ages with financial vampirism of various kinds. The Shylock stereotype of the ruthless moneylender, viciously exploiting those who fell within his power, lives in the popular imagination.

When this is discussed within mainstream historical works, it is invariably argued in the Jews' defence that Christianity prohibited lending money at interest and that therefore the Jews played a useful role in oiling the gears of the economy for which we unworthy goyim should be pitifully grateful.

Invariably omitted from the discussion, however, is that Judaism also prohibited lending money at interest - but only to other Jews; not to the goyim, whom Jews were permitted, if not encouraged, to prey upon. Mentioning this fact would draw unwanted attention to the nature of the Jewish ethical system: that it rejects the Golden Rule, the principle of reciprocity, and is instead, like Islam, based on an In-Group/Out-Group or, if you like, Predator/Prey paradigm in which different standards of behaviour apply to others depending on whether they are considered part of the In-Group or not.

That Jews still operate on these principles can be seen in the treatment of the binary options business in Israel.

Binary options is, basically, a kind of financial gambling in which people bet whether the price of something will rise or fall. It has become enormous in Israel, mainly through serving, or rather disserving, foreigners or, to put it another way, preying upon goyim.

Here are some quotes from the Times of Israel, which has discussed the binary options business in a series of articles (link):
Terms like “binary options” and “forex” trading can have legitimate connotations. In the Israeli context, however, “binary options” has largely been co-opted by a fraudulent industry that has snowballed in the past decade and become increasingly reckless and vicious, dedicated to stealing as much money as possible from as many people as possible, all over the world, by duping them into thinking they are making potentially lucrative short-term investments.
Earlier this year, the flaccid Israel Securities Authority, which is supposed to regulate the country’s financial trading environment, finally managed to stir itself into banning the fleecing of Israelis by the local fraudulent binary options firms. In other words, the industry today, according to Israel’s own regulations, can only steal from people abroad. A shameful reality, that is, of Israelis stealing from foreigners with the tacit consent of the Israeli government.
This is a perfect parallel with the Jewish ban on usury towards other Jews but not goy.
The scale of the industry is hard to assess, but it is vast. The Times of Israel believes there are well over 100 Israeli or Israel-connected binary options companies (many of them trading under multiple names) operating out of office buildings in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Herzliya, Caesarea and beyond. We know that many of these firms employ hundreds of people. We have been told by some insiders that the industry employs thousands of Israelis; others speak of tens of thousands. An ex-employee told us just last week that her particular requirement was to make 150 calls per day to “leads” — potential clients around the world, from a data file supplied by the firm — and to bring in $100,000 in deposits each month, a target she easily surpassed. She said her company turns a monthly profit of $10 million, or $120 million per year. Insiders have given us estimates ranging from $1 billion to $10 billion for the annual profit of the industry. By way of comparison, Israel’s total annual exports are in the order of $65 billion.
So the industry accounts for a large share of the Jewish State's foreign exchange earnings.

There is such a thing as legit binary options trading. But the Israeli version is quintessentially fraudulent.
The industry is not unsophisticated. When speaking to clients, the salespeople whose job is to persuade them to part with their money use false names, cite false qualifications and expertise, claim to be in false locations — telling whatever cover story is most effective in building trust. The single goal of the sales and retention crooks is to persuade the mark to believe in them, and then to entrust them with real money. That’s why immigrants, especially from French- and English-speaking countries, are so sought-after by the Israeli firms. (Israeli Arabs too; the Israeli firms are ripping off the Arab world as well.) And the more unscrupulous the better. The online trading platforms to which the marks are given access look legitimate. In fact, however, the platforms are allegedly rigged by the fraudulent firms, so that the numbers flashing across the screen can be manipulated to ensure that the customer cannot profit. The fraudsters can and do rig the numbers so that customers think they are making money on their trades for a while, and are thus inveigled into depositing still more; the losses come when the victim is deemed to have been milked dry.
The Israeli government is actively, not just passively, complicity in these fleecing operations. It grants subsidies to some of the companies involved.
The big-fish companies that supply the trading platforms to smaller binary options firms are therefore central to the fraud. In some cases, we have been told, these big-fish firms charge a 20% fee to the smaller firms for the use of the platform. In one case, we have been told, one such supplier has recently been given a government grant to expand its operations to a major world power with which Israel is working to boost trade — the government using our taxpayer shekels, unwittingly, to finance the potential further global expansion of Israeli binary options fraud.
The Israeli authorities banned the trade in their own country but allow the companies to prey on the goy and block any efforts at bringing them to justice or shutting them down.
The Israel Securities Authority, belatedly protecting Israelis from their fellow citizen-crooks, claims to lack the authority to prevent Israeli firms stealing from people abroad — an interpretation of its mandate that some experts contend is incorrect. The Israel Police, for its part, has told overseas victims that it cannot handle complaints by email or phone, and that they need to fly to Israel and register a complaint at an Israeli police station. An effort by former Knesset member Einat Wilf to have the industry shut down went nowhere. The Times of Israel has been told of powerful lobbying efforts by well-connected individuals to ensure that the industry is allowed to continue to flourish. The Times of Israel has also been told horror stories about corruption in high places ostensibly central to the failure of the authorities to intervene, but we have no hard evidence of this.
And in case you think that only an antisemite could interpret this as Jews preying upon goy, some of them openly say that themselves.
If that were not serious enough, however, there is the matter of morals and ethics — the bitter reality that Israel is a world leader in a cynical industry of theft. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of largely young Israelis get up and go to work each day to commit robbery. Some of them brag about it. Some of them love ringing that bell and basking in the applause of their fellow crooks when they extract a big new deposit from some dupe on the phone. Some of them brag that they earn more than their parents. They love the foreign trips the firms sometimes provide. They love those salaries. Some of them blame the clients for allowing themselves to be fooled. Some of them say it’s not so bad, since they’re only stealing from foreigners. (This claim was actually made on camera in the TV report last Tuesday night.)
Nor is this the only form of online predation in which Israel specialises.
The binary options fraud is by no means the only dismal dark side of Israel’s start-up nation success. Unscrupulous Israeli firms we have come across use SEO and other expertise to cheat and steal in other online areas. With the possible exception of online gambling, another cash cow with plenty of Israeli involvement whose integrity and regulation we have yet to investigate, however, nothing remotely compares to the scale and cynicism of binary options fraud.

This is exactly what Hitler predicted in Mein Kampf:

while Zionism tries to make the other part of the world believe that the national self-consciousness of the Jew finds satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian State, the Jews again most slyly dupe the stupid goyim. They have no thought of building up a Jewish State in Palestine, so that they might perhaps inhabit it, but they only want a central organization of their international world cheating, endowed with prerogatives, withdrawn from the seizure of others: a refuge for convicted rascals and a high school for future rogues.'



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  2. That is an interesting article and one that is sure to cause a bit of a storm, but it is also so true.

    The Israeli binary options industry is full of the worst kind of scamming binary options brokers and that is a pretty well known fact.

    For the Israeli Securities Authority to only ban Israeli companies from scamming other Israelis , but can have free reign to scam everybody else in the world, really does prove the authors point that in Judaism it is ok to scam goyim but not other Jews.

    As you state, ".. like Islam, based on an In-Group/Out-Group or, if you like, Predator/Prey paradigm in which different standards of behaviour apply to others depending on whether they are considered part of the In-Group or not."
    That is proven to be so true once again with the binary options industry.