Sunday, 25 September 2016

The French government bans ethnic statistics. For that reason, the pace and scale of the demographic conquest of France by aliens has to be established indirectly. One way of doing that is by looking at the French government's data on pupils deemed to be at risk of sickle-cell disease. This is a genetic adaptation that offered protection against malaria, found almost exclusively in non-European populations. In simple terms, brown-skinned people are deemed to be at risk of developing sickle cell disease while Europeans are not.

The image shows the latest figures for 2015. You can see that almost 75% of newborns in the ILE DE FRANCE (Greater Paris region) are non-European.

Another part of the study shows projections for the years ahead, under different scenarios. One scenario shows the 50% point being reached in 2020, another in 2024. This means that in those years 50% of children born in France will be of non-European ancestral origin. Going further into the future, we see that by the year 2050 an astounding 85% of births are expected to be to people of non-European origin.


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  2. I wonder what is the country in Europe that is in worse shape: France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Britain, or Sweden? In all of them, the demographics are in very, very bad condition.

    I think that the number of non-whites is bigger in France, but the birth rate is lowest in Germany (and this is combined with very high levels of immigration), therefore it will be those two countries who will be competing for the first place.

  3. And the impact of all these diseases and mental/physical disabilities (genetically and culturally grounded) on the medical, educational, special needs housing/care infrastructures is already being felt in the taxation rates and budgetary deficits in almost all Western countries. The West cannot any longer afford --- financially, socially, medically or morally --- this condition. Demography can be changed: after the 'Black Death' (bubonic plague in medieval Europe which wiped out at least one third of its people), not only did Europeans attain replacement rate in a very short time after the plague ended, but their populations soared. Numbers alone are never the complete story: in our present dilemma, it is ignorance of the problem, lack of identification of the enemy and its goals/tactics, and the will to overcome it by force (as is one's right of self-defence against enslavement and/or genocide) which is preventing the correct responses.

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