Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I wrote about this guy last year (link), Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi. He's an interesting character, in the news again because he's planning on coming to Britain. Jews are trying to get the Home Secretary to ban him, just like they routinely get "racists", "antisemites" and "Islamophobes" banned. Helps to show consistency, you see. Plus, he might reveal a bit too much about what lurks at the heart of Judaism: an obsession with racial purity.

Mizrachi claims that Jews deserved to suffer the Holocaust because they failed to maintain their racial purity by marrying only other Jews. In other words, Jews were punished for not being racist enough.
Daniel Jonas, who started the petition, wrote: “The signatories of this petition condemn his views and, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, stand in solidarity with the Jewish community in its efforts to distance itself from extremism and condemn racism, ignorant bigotry and intolerance in whatever form it presents itself.”

If you can withstand the craziness, watch this video from 1:00.58 to about 1:15:00 as he explains why Jews should let goy die if they have to break their Sabbath to save them, but it's OK to break the Sabbath to save another Jew, even a non-religious Jew.

"We have a rule that when the life of a Jew is in a risk, we are allowed to break Shabbat to save his life. But if a life of a goy is in a risk, we're not allowed to break Shabbat to save his life."

The petition to ban him is here (link). It has an interesting list of charges against him.

 A. That Downs Syndrome children and those with autism are being punished for their sins in a previous life for gossiping, "measure for measure" and are here to suffer.
B. That due to not being correctly religious, secular Jewish women acted without concern for their modesty at the gas chambers during the Holocaust.
C. Engaging in a [racist] form of Holocaust denial by challenging the Jewish status of five million souls who perished.
D. That Sephardic Jews were spared much of the Holocaust because Reform started in Germany, a demonstrably false claim in view of the decimation of the Sephardic population of the Balkans.
E. That children who are born with blindness are being punished for watching pornography in previous lives.
F. That women contract breast and cervix cancers as a result of sexual licentiousness.
G. That men contract prostate and brain cancers as a result of sexual licentiousness and what he calls "dirty thoughts".
H. The racist accusation that crime has increased in America as the result of the emancipation of African-Americans.
I. That homosexuals are being punished for having chosen to be gay in a previous life.
J. That people cease to be religious because they are influenced by gay university professors.
K. That totalitarian laws should be imposed as a result of terrorism.
L. That the problem with the European far right is not their views, but that they detest Jews as well as Muslims. 
M. The racist view that all Chinese people look the same.


  1. He should be banned for telling lies about gas chambers that never existed -

  2. I notice that "he is a Jewish supremacist" is not on their list, just as no Jew anywhere has a problem with Jewish supremacists, because they all are. The sheer cheek of "muh six million" and how everyone who questions it has to be excised from public life, when their wars in the Middle East have destroyed whole countries forever.

    1. Don't cry for the Muslims. They deserve all the hardship they get.

  3. Yhe rabbi is not actually correct (according to the Talmud) when he says that "...if the life of a goy {non-Jew, usually referring to a Christian, also Moslems and others} is in a risk, we're not allowed to break Shabat (the Jewish sabbath} to save his life." The Talmud and Maimonides, the principle Jewish 'sage' of the Middle Ages, qualifies the original Judaic teaching that a Jew must always try to save the life of a fellow Jew, but that the Jew should neither deliberately cause the death of, nor seek to prevent the death of a non-Jew. This is because a fellow Jew is not an idolator (Christians, Moslems, others, etc, are deemed to be so), and a Jew is a full human whilst non-Jews are not, so a Jewish life is precious. On the other hand, a non-Jew's life MAY be saved because if a Jew were seen or known to not be trying to save the non-Jew's life, this could rebound negatively on him and his fellow Jews or the whole Jewish community. (This was formulated as an exception specifically in regard to Jewish doctors or Jewish midwives being called upon, during the Jewish sabbath, to administer to non-Jews. It is acceptable to try to save a non-Jewish life in such cases because the saving of the non-Jew's life is not the primary reason for helping, but to prevent damage to fellow Jews. You can read the full "reasoning" (!) of this issue on http:www.biblebelievers.org.au/jewhis5.htm
    The Laws against Non-Jews: section of "Desecrating the Sabbath to Save Life"

    1. He discusses some of these nuances in the video. My favourite part is where he asks the audience to "vote" on whether it would be right to save the goy's life. Their votes are about 50/50.

  4. "the decimation of the Sephardic population of the Balkans"

    Further proof that the expelled pro-Muslim Jews of Hispania put themselves in places of active slave trading to aid Muslims while enriching themselves.

    Every time I look at areas where Muslims are actively campaigning for conquest I find Jews in the mix assisting Muslims.