Thursday, 8 September 2016

Disorders occurred this morning in Independence Plaza in Reggio Calabria, due to a sort of "protest" by migrants who have been received and housed in the city in the last few weeks and months. A large group of refugees, around 60, probably all minors, created disorder in the city centre, slowing down traffic and blocking the Via Veneto. Each day the Independence Plaza is filled with many immigrants who beg for money. A few minutes before a refugee was arrested by the police after he caused repeated disturbances, during the day, with tourist guides and others. The spark was struck when a female citizen, after having received a begging request from the refugee in question, offered him some bread. At which point the immigrant took the bread and threw it at her, starting to complain about the food he had been offered in this city.

Reggio: migranti creano disordini nella zona di piazza Indipendenza from Infoitalia on Vimeo.


  1. Only when white people come to realise again that these creatures are just wild animals, and must be treated as such, will this insanity cease.

    1. i am losing hope... the more this happens the more whites seem to be supporting them