Thursday, 15 September 2016

Following the earthquake at Amatrice in Italy, the press was full of the now de rigeur propaganda about how refugees supposedly helped the Italians whose country they had invaded.

As I have demonstrated before in similar incidents (link), some of this "helping out" is deliberately staged to foster pro-immigration sentiments. You can be fairly sure that the mass media won't be giving much coverage to the recent arrest of three Afghan "refugees" for looting in the earthquake zone, however.
RIETI - Twenty days after the earthquake, the carabinieri have arrested three "looters" in action in the area that was struck. The carabinieri from the 7th Reggimento Laives, from Bolzano, stopped a car, considered suspicious, which was in Salaria, heading towards Rome, coming from Amatrice. 
The occupants, three Afghan citizens between 27 and 37, one residing in Rome and two in Bassa Sabina, after a search, were found in possession of crockery, hidden in bags, which had been robbed from the tourist farm "Kristal della Laga", in the Varone section of Amatrice. 
The three were arrested and accused of aggravated theft and taken to the jail in Rieti, at the disposal of the Rieti prosecutor.