Saturday, 17 September 2016

One of the most distinguishing features of Jews is there hypocrisy. It is almost incredible that the most ethnocentric people in the history of the world (Jews) could take the leading role in denouncing any manifestation of ethnic consciousness in the least ethnocentric people in the history of the world (Europeans) and not be psychologically crushed by an awareness of their own hypocrisy. But, somehow, Jews are able to manage it effortlessly.

Here is another striking instance of Jewish hypocrisy. As the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement gathers strength in Europe, Jews are lobbying furiously against it. The Jews have a fairly tight grip on the central governments of most countries. At local level, though, their control is less assured. Thus, most of the boycott initiatives are coming from local governments or non-governmental organisations. The Jews have swiftly moved into action, pressuring central governments to outlaw such boycotts in lesser tiers of government.

There is a long tradition of such local activism. For example, may local governments boycotted South Africa in opposition to apartheid. No steps were taken to stop them doing this. But as soon as there was talk of boycotting Israel, the Jewish lobbyists went into action to scupper their plans.

Across Europe, people calling for sanctions on Israel are being charged with crimes (in France it is actually illegal to even call for a boycott I believe), hounded from their jobs and, bizarrely, having their bank accounts shut down. Yes, one of the techniques used by the Jews in Germany and Austria is to call for banks to close the accounts of BDS-supporting organisations. If the banks don't cave to Jewish demands, they are accused of antisemitism too. It is an incredible illustration of the power this tiny Oriental minority is able to wield in our society.
A British Cabinet minister threatened to take investment decisions away from municipal councils if they choose to boycott Israel. 
The office of Sajid Javid, Britain’s secretary for communities, issued the warning this week in a statement following a similar warning he made earlier in the week at a meeting with Jewish religious leaders at the Chief Rabbi’s Conference, The Jewish News of London reported Wednesday.
Amid growing recognition that unions are urging a boycott of Israel, the government has issued new guidance aimed at preventing local authorities deciding against purchases from companies or countries on ideological grounds. 
Any council found flouting the new rules “could face action, including the possibility of having power over these investment decisions taken away, with central government stepping in instead,” Javid’s office said.

You might think that perhaps Jews are just nobly committed to the idea that foreign policy is a matter for central governments and lesser entities should stay out of it? Not a bit of it. In the US, where their grip is even tighter than in Europe, the Jews are quite happy to promote local government initiatives targeting European countries unless they comply with Jewish demands. Here, for example, the French government handed over wads of cash to the Jews on the ridiculous pretext that the French railway system was used to deport them to concentration camps. Pressure to do this came from US local governments boycotting French products at Jewish behest.
Payments have started issuing from a US-run compensation fund for Holocaust survivors deported to Nazi camps via the French rail system. 
The $60 million compensation fund established in December 2014 has approved 68 claims and is processing an estimated 700 in total, Stuart Eizenstat, the secretary of state’s special adviser for Holocaust issues, said in a conference call Thursday. 
The money comes from France, but the United States is administering and distributing the funds to eligible Americans, Israelis and other foreigners, their spouses and heirs who were not entitled to make claims under existing French programs. 
In return, the United States protects France from American lawsuits related to Holocaust deportations of Jews from the country. Several US state governments banned their local transportation services from contracting with the French railway SNCF, a major exporter of rail cars, until the reparations issue was resolved.

Note their heirs can get the payouts too. How long will this Holocaust racket go on? A thousand years from now, will Jews still be cashing in on the Holocaust?


  1. and not be psychologically crushed by an awareness of their own hypocrisy

    One of the advantages of intense ethnocentrism is a blissful unawareness of hypocrisy; Jewish morality simply asks ‘Is it good for us?’.

    You drew the distinction between European and non-European morality in a wonderful essay you wrote in 2013. This is the opening paragraph:

    “Europeans are the only moral people on earth. Why do I say this? Because morality consists in a willingness to accept and apply abstract standards of justice even when doing so conflicts with your own interests. Europeans are the only people on Earth who consistently try to ‘do the right thing’ even when they suffer as a consequence. Every non-European people, including the ones resident in European societies, simply ruthlessly advances its own ethnic interests then invents justifications for it afterwards. That is their morality. Or rather, their lack thereof.”