Friday, 23 September 2016

The German government recently published a "State of the Union" report that claims to record a dramatic rise in far-right crime. But the methods used to produce this result are ludicrous.

The increase xenophobia in Eastern Germany is limited the social and economic development of the nine states. This is the significant conclusion arrived at in the current annual report on the state of German unity. The federal government speaks of "troubling developments" with the potential "to jeopardise social peace in eastern Germany." East Germany must therefore dedicate itself to the problem in a special way, says Brandenburg's president Dietmar Woidke (Socialist). Civil society does not have enough resources. 
Woidke believes his state is on a good path; after massive problems in the 90s the right conclusions were drawn. Woidke declared that Brandenburg had made changes in collecting statistics related to far-right crime. "Every attack in which it is not proven that there was no far-right motivation the police will add to the statistics."

So any attack (presumably on a brownskin, although he doesn't say) is assumed by default to be "racist" unless the contrary is proved. Of course, we can safely predict that this logic is not applied in reverse. Otherwise the vastly disproportionate rate at which brown-skinned people commit crimes against Europeans would be recognised as the covert race war which it, in fact, is.


  1. OT

    "White Women Volunteering at Calais Having Sex with Multiple Migrants Per Day"
    "the majority of cases in question involved female volunteers and male refugees"

    Feminists shut down Italy's campaign to raise birth rates.

    1. What do care about what volunteers and refugees get up to in Calais.
      I have been there as a volunteer and now I get constantly questioned about this shit.
      It's supposed to be private, seems like al you douchebags get off on it!