Saturday, 24 September 2016

In Essen, the coach Horst Wenzel teaches the art of flirting to migrants. This local initiative locale meets a desire to educate the new arrivals in "German sexuality". On the flyer, the meeting was set for 6 September, at 5 pm, in a district some way out of the centre of Essen, a city in the Ruhr. The topic: "Falling in love in Germany". The organiser: Horst Wenzel, presented as "one of the most famous coaches in flirting". 
On the programme: "Based on everyday examples, show how men and women enter into contact and get to know one another better in Germany." Target audience: not everyone. On this point, the flyer is clear: at the top it says clearly that it is a "flirting course for refugees". 
The "lesson" did indeed take place. There were Iraqis, Syrians, Lebanese there...most of them aged under 20. A journalist from the German daily Die Welt was also present. She describes the introduction session that was a little abstract, talking about the "pyramid of needs" and "communication levels". 
Then, very quickly, the participants get into the heart of the topic, with advice on the best ways of optimising their chances for encounters on Tinder-like apps, but also questions and responses on more specific subjects. How to seduce a German woman if you don't speak German, for example? 
...This "flirt course" is not the first of its type. It's an original local initiative that forms part of a more general movement. In Germany, the equivalent of the Family Planning Agency has already been sponsoring or managing very serious sexual education programmes intended for migrants for years. At the end of February, the German government in turn opened an internet portal called "My body in words and images", and which is targeted at the refugees who had arrived in large numbers in Germany during the previous few months.


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