Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sir, Madam, 
Following our last visit to your building, we noticed the installation of a French flag in your garden. 
We thank you for your patriotism but given that the sporting activities of the summer are now over, we would appreciate it if you would remove it, in order to avoid any excesses. 
In expectation of your cooperation and comprehension, 
Sir, Madam, we ask you to accept the assurance of our distinguished consideration.

Just to be clear, this is in France.


  1. This is what was done, quite ruthlessly, in England when patriots quite naturally flew the Standard of Saint George which is the national flag of England (the Union Jack being the Standard of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which comprises England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland). It is designed to reduce initially and then finally fully denigrate national awareness amongst a people and eventually tar the flag with the absurd and evil charge of 'racism.' It must be resisted especially now with the blatantly expressed intention of the EU kakistocracy to establish a "European Army" which will be used to literally destroy European peoples and eradicate nations. You will notice that the EU flag, employing 12 stars (12 tribes of mythical 'Israel' possibly?) is sacrosanct and appears the dominant flag at any gathering of European nations. A start to reclaim one's country would be to remove any signs, flags or labels, of an alien and hostile entity...

  2. If you can't fly the flag of your own country without fear that someone will take offense, then your country is doomed.

    Fly it proud Ladies and Gentlemen!

  3. There are already countries within the EU where you are not allowed to fly the national flag of the nation except during national "sports" events (in reality, the bread and circuses treats organised by the EU to distract people from the destruction of their own country).