Friday, 9 September 2016

The anecdote is told by Gavin Bowd, translator and friend of Michel Houellebecq. In his last book, "Mémoires d'outre-France", which L'Obs is publishing extracts from this Wednesday 7 September, the Scottish academic recalls an evening he spent with the most read French writer "in an apartement in the Olympiades" (13th arrondissement in Paris) where the latter resides. 
Between "a bottle of absinthe" and one of "côtes-du-rhône" [wine], while "the alcohol was flowing" generously at the table ... Michel Houellebecq, according to Gavin Bowd, is said to have declared: "I am going to give an interview where I call for a civil war to eliminate Islam from France. I am going to call on people to vote for Marine Le Pen!" 
Saying he was "probably" an islamophobe, the author of "Particules élémentaires" has never hid his hostility to Islam, which he described, in particular, as "the dumbest religion". In his last book, "Soumission" [Submission], the head of an islamist party assumes power in 2022 when faced with the Front National, thanks to support from the UMP [mainstream conservatives], the Socialists and the centre. 
According to Gavin Bowd, Michel Houellebecq launched into his diatribe after having spoken of "his first obsession", the Nobel prize for literature, "his second obsession" being Islam. The academic, who admits to having discovered him "thanks to the French communist party", writes that Houellebecq then justified himself as follows: "The Front national is not a far-right party. It's not Drumont*. It's not Daudet…"

Drumont and Daudet were well-known French anti-semites patriots.


  1. This might make you laugh, if nothing else.

  2. I think you mentioned before about the plain facts that get labeled "anti-semitism" if some non-Jew states it but Jews may openly boast about it.