Monday, 19 September 2016

The AfD did well again in the local elections in Berlin, entering the state parliament for the first time and, with 14%, coming only slightly behind Merkel's party (17.5%) in its share of the vote. Berlin, on the whole, is so left-wing and diverseoccupied by invaders that there is no realistic prospect of any kind of conservative party succeeding there. But the AfD having a voice there will alter the terms of debate.

Here are some demographic breakdowns of the AfD vote. Red = Socialist;black = Merkel's mainstream conservative CDU; green = Greens; AfD = light blue.

Basically, the AfD did better with men than women; with working class and unemployed people; and with people who had medium levels of education. Unfortunately, there is no breakdown by religion or place of ancestral origin.

Men and women: female vote shown in orange
Age groups
Education level from top to bottom: high, medium, low
Employment from top to bottom: Working class, Salaried, Civil Servant, Self-Employed, Pensioner, Unemployed



  1. Since the enemy will try to spin this as 'ignorant', 'lazy' and 'bitter old WHITE mean', let's put it in blunt and truthful terms: those people who are forced to experience the hell of 'multiracial' policies (also know as genocidal policies against WHITES who are historically NATIVE EUROPEANS) are men foremost because men historically protect women and children and defend their nations; working class people are the group against which the enemy always acts first it is presumed they will be the group least able to articulate their concerns at this social/economic/literal genocide and, along with those who are unemployed (the latter often denied work in favour of incoming invaders), they will not have the financial clout with which to either move out of endangered areas or form organisations to fight this genocide. As for those of middle, rather than 'higher' education, this really translates into those who have basic skills with a large dose of common sense as opposed to those who have been forcefed huge doses of propaganda at 'universities' and who also are willing to ignore the natural instincts of patriotism, preservation or production of family, etc in favour of being part of the 'privileged parasites' of the kakistocracy.

    1. It is understandable that you wish to remain anonymous with analytical skills like that.