Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn warns that "Europe is throwing away its Christian heritage". "Will there be an Islamic conquest of Europe? Many Muslims want it and say: Europe is finished," he said on Sunday in Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral during a celebration of the church festival "Mariä Namen" which was introduced as an expression of gratitude for the freeing of Vienna from the Ottomans 333 years ago. 
"God have mercy on Europe and its people who are in danger of throwing away their Christian heritage," said Schönborn in his sermon, according to information provided by the archdiocese of Vienna, "not only economically, but above all in human and religious terms," said the cardinal. Schönborn's remarks also have to be seen in reference to the freeing of Vienna from the Ottomans in 1683. 12 September is the 333rd anniversary of the defeat of the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683.


  1. Words are cheap, Your Eminence, and time is short. Let’s have some practical suggestions for salvaging and rebuilding European civilization. What’s that you say? You can’t suggest anything practical because it could be construed as racist. Great.

  2. The implication in the Cardinal's address, is that it is the people of Europe who are throwing away their Christian beliefs and cultural heritage which evolved largely from Christianity when, in reality, the Roman Catholic Church, and almost all other Christian denominations, have been in the highly lucrative business of welcoming invaders (aka "refugees" or 'fluchtlinge"), turning the Christian churches into social centres, pursuing socialist/communist agenda, attempting to hoist Judaism as one of the cornerstones of Christianity (when Christ Himself railed against the Jews for their hypocrisy, their denial of God in favour of priestly and rabbinical authority, and their evil teachings already in evidence with the Mishna (oral tradition) and the Gemara (commentary on the Mishna) which eventually transformed into the Bablyonian Talmud with its perverted teachings, hatred of non-Jews especially Christians and its deceit and rejection of the old testament) but, above all else, the modern Christian Church, in almost every respect, has rejected Christ's own teachings and particularly his last order on earth to his Apostles, to go and preach the Gospel to all men. The RC rejects entirely the idea of this mission of conversion. And one must ask the Cardinal and all Christian clergy who are supporting the invasion of Europe by Moslems and the likely enslavement and deaths of millions of Christians: what good shepherd tolerates wolves amongst his flock? They will answer to Christ, if not beforehand to the peoples of Europe.

  3. As a born, bred, and Jesuit-educated Roman Catholic, I hope and pray the Church declares a Holy War against Islam. I'm so ready.

    1. The words of King Jan Sobiewski to his troops on the night of 11 September 1683, prior to their successfully breaking two and a half months' Moslem siege of Vienna and totally expelling the Turks from Austria:

      "It is not a City alone that we have to save, but the whole of Christianity, of which the City of Vienna is the bulwark. This war is a Holy War."