Thursday, 22 September 2016

A NEWSPAPER advert taken out by a Purbeck shopkeeper featuring a golliwog holding a glass of ginger beer has been banned by the advertising watchdog. Viv Endecott, of Corfe Castle's Ginger Pop Shop, placed the advert in the Purbeck Gazette newspaper earlier this summer. 
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which received two complaints about the ad, banned it because it would likely cause "serious or widespread offence." 
Earlier this year the Echo reported how The Ginger Pop Shop - an Enid Blyton gift store - was disqualified from the annual Purbeck Arts Festival's window display contest. 
The display, called English Freedom, included tea-towels printed with words Ms Endecott agreed with depicted in red - like 'freedom of speech', 'liberty' and 'tolerance' - and words she disagreed with in grey - including 'slavery', 'ignorance' and 'political correctness gone mad'. 
The golliwog image was at the centre of the towel. It was this image at the centre of the tea towel, over the words 'English Freedom'', that formed the newspaper advert. 
After the ASA upheld the complaints, Ms Endecott said: "I am proud of my English Freedom tea towel which is designed to help the English to think about the best we aspire to be and the insidious ways we can subvert our values. 
"The good golliwog was on the tea towel to represent how it has become impossible to discuss anything to do with race without being accused of racism. 
"This is important, because when we couldn't talk about uncontrolled immigration, it paved the way for Brexit." 
However, the ASA said many people were likely to view the character as representing negative racial stereotypes, and that its prominent inclusion in a press advert was likely to cause serious or widespread offence. 
The ASA also added: "We also considered that the inclusion of the words 'English Freedom' in the ad was likely to contribute to that offence, because in combination with the image it could be read as a negative reference to immigration or race.


  1. I have seen that absurd expression "political correctness gone mad" for decades now. Political correctness is a code term for suppression of freedom of speech and the denial of the right to discuss anything in public (and private) discourse). People need to realise this and stop cowtowing (to use an old Indian expression) to evil. People also need to organise and create problems thereby for the powers that be because the right to assemble is also under constant threat. Also, 'equality' is a code word for initially ignoring, and then denying, that there is inequality everywhere in life and that this is not a negative fact, but a recognition of truths: equality is used as a hammer to deny or blur the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, free and enslaved, intelligence and ignorance.

  2. Diversity, news : is down, banned !

    ( Proyecto argentino denominado : Centinela ).

    Las comunidades sionistas en América del Sur, en colaboración con la N.S.A. de EUA, perseguiran a todas las páginas webs en todo el mundo que hagan críticas del Sionismo o de Israel, además de anti-semitismo.

    En dicho proyecto, los participantes que denuncien y quieran colaborar con la entidad sionista, que promueve la censura y que no permite la libertad de expresión, podrán acceder con correos electrónicos falsos : para proteger sus identidades.

    En realidad, se trata de espiar a la gente en Internet, lo que es un crimen internacional reconocido, ya que espirar está prohibido en numerosos países europeos, y sólo es permitido en tiempos de guerra.