Sunday, 7 August 2016

The authorities are encouraging young people to spend time with migrants and asylum seekers, to form social bonds and show that integration and multiculturalism can work. Around 50 young Swedish people (originally from Sweden or elsewhere), aged from 14 to 15, are being paid 50 Swedish crowns (around 5.50 euros) per hour to mix with new arrivals, mainly Muslims, to create social relations. 
After three weeks, the first group had acquired better knowledge of democracy, equality and prosperity.

... "These young people are doing important work in teaching their cultures so that each can acquire a better knowledge of the other," declared Kristina Sunebrand, the project manager. "Pay is always a good motivation," she added.

There's a video of this here (link).


  1. I wonder if Las Vegas has the odds on this experiment going south. I say a month max before one of those girls are attacked.