Friday, 19 August 2016

This is one of the many Corbyn-bashing articles appearing in the Jewish Chronicle, but it contains some interesting admissions about the Jewish role in the radical Left. Of course, if a non-Jew wrote about this, he would be branded an "antisemite".
Trotskyism has always interested Jews because of its almost Talmudic adherence to text and interpretation. Its leaders were treated like Chasidic rebbes, held court for their followers and did not work for a living. 
Despite Trotsky's comment that he was not a Jew, but an internationalist, Stalin used antisemitism in his struggle against Trotsky in the mid-1920s. In exile Trotsky attracted a disproportionate number of Jews to his standard. 
Tony Cliff - aka Yigael Gluckstein from Zikhron Ya'akov - founded the Socialist Workers Party in the UK, while Ted Grant - aka Isaac Blank from Johannesburg - was the mentor of the Militant Tendency. Both groups embedded themselves in the Labour Party in the 1960s . 
Grant - whose family ran a grocery store in Johannesburg - and his sister Zena joined other members of the Litvak community in forming the Bolshevik-Leninist League in 1934. His father had come from Tavrig, near the Lithuanian-Prussian border. The entire family left behind in Tavrig perished in the Shoah. 
Cliff came from the Zionist elite in the Yishuv and gradually moved to a Trotskyist position. He was a leading light of Brit Spartakus, a group which campaigned against attempts to enlist Hebrew University students into the British forces to fight Nazism. 
In South Africa, some young Jews, shocked at institutionalised apartheid, found their salvation in Trotskyism. 
In the UK, Blank joined the Labour League of Youth while his fellow Jewish South African, Max Basch - aka Sid Frost - joined the Independent Labour Party. They had both been influenced by Frank Glass, a founder of the South African Communist party who ran the left-wing Vanguard bookshop in Johannesburg. Converting to Trotskyism, Glass left for China in 1931 to continue his life as a revolutionary activist where he was known as Li Fu-jen. 
Some left-wing Zionists, members of Hashomer Hatzair, such as the Belgian theorist Abram Leon, left Zionism as a reaction to Hashomer's blind subservience to Stalin and in disgust at the Moscow show trials of the 1930s . 
Despite their Jewish origin, both Cliff and Grant regarded the Second World War as a contest between rival imperialisms - that one side was as bad as the other when it came to the interests of the working class.


  1. What did the Jews think, that we'd just take it lying down, their shaming us and manipulating us for all eternity? No, we take their terms and use it against them; we no longer say "banned" we now say "shoah'd". We make holocaust jokes and question it; the louder they protest that it happened, the faster we count the facts.

    Morons... And yet it's almost tragic that we fell for it for 70 years, pure chicanery.

    1. We didn't 'fall for it': the Jews have controlled all aspects of media for well over one and a half centuries and therefore their presentation, and theirs alone, has been the 'mainstream' representation (i.e. deliberate distortion) of events and presumed 'facts.' Common sense, and a deep appreciation of the necessary role of free speech and open debate should, admittedly, have broken this stranglehold long before, but let us be grateful for the Internet whilst realising that they will either fully control it or shut it down, so our voices and our personal approach must become a primary means of getting the truth out. (In October, the Obama regime will relinquish US control of the internet which, in effect, means that the US Constitutional guarantee of Freedom of Speech for individuals and the press as set out in its First Amendment, will no longer apply and at that point serious denial of free speech will begin because control will be turned over to companies and governments outside the US (the EU, for example where Jews are already seeking to have 'anti-semitisim' --- any discussion of Judaism and Jewish actions --- made a criminal offense as it was in the Jewish-run Soviet Union under its majority Jewish government and majority Jewish enforcement/terror agencies.

    2. When the Federal Communications Corporation was originally set up in the US, the leadership of all American Television networks (then, ABC, NBC and CBS, and now including CNN and Fox) were given to Jews which should help explain why the 'media' has always been opposed to the American peoples' original demographic (Caucasian, Christian and capitalist). All the major American film studios have been in Jewish hands almost from the start of the film industry, and all the forms of 'social networks' and 'research tools' are also owned by them. In Europe, as in the US, print media has been dominated by Jews since the 1800s. One of the major objections Jews have to any discussion of themselves ('anit-semitism') is the listing of their control over all forms of communication because this alone underlines their domination and that exposes their goals.

  2. Ha. Jews are internationalists. They can be nothing else.