Wednesday, 3 August 2016


  1. Lying Jewish Media's propaganda, which is never based on a true understanding of Christianity (which the Talmud hates), can be easily overthrown:-

    Romans 12:9 The New Testament

    "Let love be without dissimulation. Hate what is evil, cleave to what is good."

    Followed, of course, with a clear, precise expose of the core beliefs of both Talmudic Judaism and the Islam which derives from it, and explaining how these destructive and evil concepts are employed in the present times to bring about the dispossession, displacement, enslavement and overthrow of the Christian peoples and their beliefs, laws and cultures, as well as their nations. Trying to use 'catch phrases' is distracting: people need, and want, the truth. They realise they are being lied to, but don't have the necessary 'ammunition' of facts to make the picture clearer to them. Once that is in place, the innate genius and abilities of Western peoples will come to the fore, including that of self-defence and overthrow of their tyrants in all forms (including media, the main enabler).

  2. This is much better, much more promising than Goldwater's fiasco of a presidential run. It's strange to me that he lost so badly in the 60s when, presumably, people were not yet in the throes of mass hypnosis by the media. Trump seems far more popular.

    Then again, I read somewhere even Hemingway had to watch his words and pretend to be progressive. Eleanor Roosevelt used to try making whites feel guilty.

    In the age of free information, I suddenly have hope. But then again, they do say hope dies last.