Saturday, 27 August 2016


What a freaking joke. Our politicians respond to murderous jihad attacks by trying to institute a dress code for beaches; then they can't even do that.

These rule-based constitutional restraint or "human rights" systems are fundamentally inimical to democracy and need to go.

This tradition of veiling the female form isn't even Islamic. It originates in pre-Islamic Arabia where tribes of savages were in the habit of raiding other tribes of savages and stealing and enslaving their womenfolk. If it was noticed that a female was unusually attractive, her tribe's camp would become a target for raiding from some other bunch of desert barbarians looking for a new "wife". Women were veiled to prevent this. It has nothing to do with Islam.


  1. There is no such concept as 'Islamism': it is ISLAM. The Koran has two verses re clothing rules for male and female and is primarily construed as having to do with islamic view of 'modesty' although one of the verses can certainly be interpreted as requiring the females face and most of her body to be covered. BUT, it is the Hadiths not the Koran which is central in this issue. In the Hadiths, Mohamed is quoted as saying that the female is an aw'rat (a shameful orifice) and that her body contains ten such shameful orifices which must be covered until the grave itself covers the body. The point of this is that, within the central texts of Islam is stated a view of the female which is abhorrent, absurd and essentially hostile and that there is no such view of the female in the New Testament. This last point is actually what the 'debate' in the Western world hinges upon: the concept of EQUALITY, that ALL ideologies, races, religions, peoples are the SAME with no real innate difference when, in reality, we are confronted daily with the opposite fact. That is why exposing where this Islamic regulation of female attire stems from (the very core of Islamic texts) reveals the staggering, and totally irreconcilable, differences and INEQUALITY between Islamic and Christian beliefs. This is also why the French notion of laicite is so deadly to French culture; the very essence of European culture, laws and values is a combination of Roman, Greek and Christian teachings, and to disregard or attempt to remove them (especially the latter) from the public arena of life is a death sentence on France. Laicite, and its false 'equality of all' must go, after which removal of present threats, from Moslems and Jews, will be easier to effect.

  2. The other point, also deliberately NEVER mentioned in this debate about Moslem female attire is that, in Islam, those who do not follow Islamic codes re dress (i.e. non-Moslems, 'kuffar', 'infidels') are regarded as suitable to be sex slaves (and, in Islamic-controlled situations, were often required to be half-naked, which partly explains why Western children, girls and women are targets of rape and attack: they are 'uncovered meat' as an imam in Australia infamously stated some years ago and may be regarded by Moslem males as per the Koran: "that which your right hand possesses", a sex captive).

  3. Según el Plan Kalergi, :

    ¨ En la fase de que la invasión se produzca, los judíos estaremos en primera fila, al mando, pero por poco tiempo ; seremos derrotados finalmente ¨ .

    ( y libros antiguos relacionados ).

    Es decir, que esperan tomar las riendas del poder en esa defensa contra el Islam, pero en su propia previsión reconocen que no será posible mantener el Sionismo como paladín de la defensa de Occidente contra el Islam.

    Por si alguien tenía algunas dudas de La Masonería en Europa ( que son en realidad los que gobiernan, y a su vez son polichinelas del Gran Club elitista mundial del Poder mundial ) :