Thursday, 4 August 2016


  1. Somalians are generally Moslem. The victims weren't 'selected at random': they were deliberately targetted for their race and their presumed vulnerability and naievete about Islam, Negroes and Moslems. And the fact that so many countries, especially Britain, DENY THE RIGHT OF SELF-DEFENCE to their own peoples, means that people are easy prey. Jihad is defined in islamic law as "warfare to establish the religion", all Moslems are encouraged to pursue Jihad, either as aggressive warriors, or with their tongues, wealth and pen. The 'wealth' bit is covered by ZAKAT, the annual tax which all Moslems are required to pay (usually via their mosques or to Islamic 'charities') and a portion of Zakat is required (see Surah 9 Verse 60 of the Koran) to pay for the arming and support of those 'who fight in the Cause of Allah' {Jihad}. Moslems know this, it has been standard operating procedure as per the Koran for almost 1400 years and this should be the response to all who bleat about how the 'average' or 'moderate' millions of Moslems have nothing to do with "terrorism" {Jihad}. Oh, yes, they do, and when they foist their halal products (edible or non-edible) on Western peoples and demand these halal produce be sold everywhere, you, the innocent Westerner, are helping, by adding to Moslems' annual incomes --- a portion of which must go for Zakat --- to pay for Jihad against yourselves and your country, laws, belief and culture.


    Una turista española herida, también, mientras ayudaba a la víctima estadounidense, y que intentaba avisar a la Policía para pedir ayuda por teléfono. El criminal islámico e inmigrante ( de origen ) continúo agrediendo a la gente pacífica y normal. Posiblemente haya una especie de sublevación religiosa contra el Papa argentino ( masón ), y de igual forma con algunos gobiernos occidentales.

    Pero, como decía aquel experto en seguridad en una tertulia de televisión en España ; por los atentados de Bataclan... :

    ¨ Hay que hacer una vida normal,..y seguir consumiendo. ¨

    ¿ Te da cuén ?

  3. Norweigian somali? Is that like a White Hispanic?