Saturday, 20 August 2016

Here are two stories from Italy, both showing exactly the same phenomenon: Christians hiding their faith for fear of Muslim attack. 

The first incident occurred at a Catholic festival that takes place in August each year in Rimini called the Meeting for Friendship between Peoples (link). The event is hosted by the Community and Liberation movement which is a conservative Christian political movement that seeks to uphold traditional values in politics. You would think, then, that this would be about the last place (except maybe the Vatican) where people would be afraid to show symbols of their Christian faith. But, no. 

La Republicca newspaper has published a video showing a woman explaining why she has to cover up a statute of the Madonna. She says she is doing it to avoid offending other religions and she mentions ISIS.
At the stand of the publishing house "Shalom", where religious books, rosaries, posters and sacred objects are sold, the statue of the Madonna has been covered with a blue cloth. "It's because of those attacks they're carrying out. They have a hatred towards the Madonna and so, to avoid it, we have covered it up," she says to Repubblica Tv, the person responsible for the stand referring to the Islamic fundamentalists of ISIS. 
"We had to take it away, because there are so many religions. Nothing has ever happened, we had paintings that we had to take away. It's to avoid trouble."

Similar things are happening among African seasonal workers at tomato farms in Puglia. Sharia law has effectively been applied at the worker camps, so that Christians are forced to practice their faith in secret.
"We are afraid, yes. Since two years ago on Sunday we have been praying without letting ourselves be seen...We did it [built a cross] with the remains of the hut of the faith that hosted the mass each Sunday. They burned the hut one night two years ago. Then someone let us know that if we didn't want other fires we shouldn't pray in front of Muslims. On the contrary we must not let ourselves be seen. We are a minority. Three hundred against two thousand, too few. Because of that we have had to abandon the mass through fear. Only at Easter we requested that a priest come. At least at Easter. But the rest of the time, we pray in secret. They have 3 mosques here. But none of the huts can be used as a church."

For historical comparison:
In Muslim-controlled cities, Christians were forbidden to celebrate their religion in public, even in their own neighborhoods (crosses could not be displayed even on the outside of church walls or on top, and bells could not be wrung), so of course Muslims could not participate in public festivities that did not exist.
Source: The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise by Darío Fernández-Morera


  1. El fotógrafo, del niño ambulancia, es un yihadista ( un moro criminal del ISIS ).

    Pero, ¿ valen menos los niños asesinados en Niza ( Francia ) ?

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