Wednesday, 17 August 2016

For a while it looked like the Guardian was opening itself up to critical discussion of Islam and immigration. Now they've simply shut down comments on most articles on those subjects. When they do open them up, the censorship is mind-boggling.

I had this comment censored the other day: "Sending someone to prison for saying 'I prefer white children' is political tyranny, pure and simple." My memory might be deceiving me, but I believe this article (link) had 1400 comments yesterday, now pruned down to 300.


  1. Off topic, but have you seen this yet?

    There's a lot of material to go through but it's frightening how Soros is indeed really behind most strife and bloodshed in the world today, all to acquire more and more wealth. It wouldn't surprise me if he used his money to get living children's blood into his veins to keep himself young.

    He seems to be anti-Zionist tho, so he's simply a manifestation of Jewish greed, its avatar if you like.

    1. Here is The Full List of Soros' NGOs Manipulating Elections in All EU Member States:

      I suggest anyone reading this circulate it far and wide

  2. The link is blocked ( Tested by me, in Spain ):

    Is not possible the connection for visited website. ( rare, rare, rare.. )