Friday, 19 August 2016

WALDENURG. In Waldenburg in Saxony, asylum seekers have refused to do community service work as they are guests of Angela Merkel (CDU). This has been reported by the mayor of the city, Bernd Pohlers (Freie Wähler), in the official gazette. 
According to this, the city government created seven work opportunities to give the asylum seekers employment, to counter boredom and to increase acceptance in the population. The positions covered 20 hours per week at an hourly rate of 1.05 euros. The work opportunities were approved by the Zwickau municipality. 
From April all male inhabitants of the local asylum centre were able to participate in community work in the city area. In the first week the initiative went well. The asylum seekers were collected, taken to their workplace and then back home to the centre. But shortly afterwards the asylum seekers changed their minds. 
"Later the persons mentioned argued that they were guests of Mrs Merkel and guests don't have to work," writes mayor Pohlers about the process in the June edition of the city bulletin. "Furthermore, they said that in German there was a minimum wage (8.50 euros) and this should also be paid by the Waldenburg city government!"


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