Thursday, 4 August 2016

Could a German best-seller on Islam not be published in the country of Voltaire? Piranha editions had announced the translation of Islamic Fascism that was due to appear next 16 September. An "analysis" of the German-Egyptian Hamed Abdel-Samad who draws parallels between fascist and Islamist ideology, the Muslim Brotherhood (which appeared in the 1920s) going back to the roots of the Koran. The author, the son of an imam and a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, has become a critic of Islam featuring heavily in the media in Germany, and for that reason he lives under police protection following fatwas for heresy and death threats from jihadists. The decision has caused an uproar in the German press, which notes that the essay was published in Germany by a major publishing house (Droemer Knaur) and that an English translation appeared in the USA at the start of January without problems. 
Jean-Marc Loubet, the director of Piranha, admitted to Le Point that he had acquired the rights to the work two years ago, but that the context "has changed with the multiplication of attacks." "At the time, it seemed like an iconoclastic book that could spark debate, even if we didn't necessarily share its ideas and it could lead to a historical simplification of Islam. But, after Nice, I have seen polemics increase among politicians and words of hatred for Muslims. That has freed things up..." The publisher, who received "unanimous" support from his small team, defends himself against the charge of self-censorship, explaining that the book already exists in German and English. "I feel sorry for the author, but his book should quickly find a new publisher in France." 
Hamed Abdel-Samad understands the security argument. "It's easier to target a small publishing house that doesn't have the resources to provide protection at its door," he explains to us. "If Jean-Marc Loubet had finished his email there, I would have said OK and accepted this withdrawal without problems. I live under police protection, I've received death threats, and I can't ask other people to take the same risk. I take this risk because I believe strongly that being fearful in the face of threats will not fix things. On the contrary, the more we are silent and the more afraid we are, the more brutal the Islamists will be, because they only operate according to this logic: kill and frighten. It is the strategy of terrorism. But I would have understood the decision of Jean-Marc Loubet, because it's a question of life and death." 
On the other hand, the author is furious about the second justification offered by Piranha. "Jean-Marc wrote that he didn't want to provide fuel for the far right. That is the typical argument of moral blackmail that I constantly find myself confronted with. I am a free thinker, who doesn't call for violence, who doesn't stigmatise Muslims - on the contrary, I defend them as human beings - , but who attacks an ideology I consider violent. In Germany, I have the right, more than 200 years after Kant and 230 years after Voltaire, to publish these thoughts without having to be afraid and terrified. This is why I am so angry. I find it a very dangerous way of thinking, particularly from a publishing house, which, more than any other profession, ought to be the guarantor of high-quality debates and freedom of expression."


  1. Conflating what is evil with “nazi” or "fascist" (such as you just did, or with “islamonazi”, etc.) is a great error. . The liberal system told you that “nazi” equals “evil”, but truth to be told, evil has no reason to be necessarily nazi, and they lied you a lot about national-socialism too. . I recommend reading this piece to clear up your mind ( It completely debunks the EU is 4th Reich nonsense.):

    1. It's a quote from the source, and not the blog owner's words.

    2. Unable to read his book to learn about all its arguments, I'd settle for general remarks highlight the low relevance of this comparison:
      The central principle of ethnicity and race in fascism does not exist in Islam, universalist and multi-racial, even if that religion can make anti-white banner of office.
      The vision of the economy, fascism and Islam have nothing to do, except perhaps hostility to the loan with interest. Islam appreciates the slavery and exploitation of minorities; Fascism denies the presence of these people on the nation's soil and promotes the work of the people.
      Fascism conceives of the State as the heart of things. It is a vision close to nationalism, which designs the nation as the heart of things - which ultimately gives a central place to the nationalist state. Islam knows no similar principle.
      The anti-Jewish hostility - which did not exist in fascist Italy too but knew Nazi Germany and knew that other fascist movements, from France to Romania - although common, has very different origins . Jewish nationalism rejects as racially foreign body, sowing corruption, decadence and destruction. In Islam, on the contrary, the Jew is hated as a representative of the Western world would have taken possession of Palestine. When the Maghreb hates the Jew, he hates as a white weird and particularly sneaky .
      The rejection of the "representative democracy" - the regime that today allows the genocide of the white race - is common to fascism and Islam. But in fact, it is common to absolutely all political regimes that are not "representative democracy". Apologists of "real democracy" to the ferocious Maoists reject all the "representative democracy".
      Historically, after the war, one could find a number of former Nazis in Egypt. Unless they are backed secular Arab nationalism of Nasser; who was in this country most fierce enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. Moro con machete, perfil habitual :

  3. No Mass Media info.

    Herxheim: Sirios ( moros ) armados con cuchillos, por la ciudad, amenazanado a varias personas :

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  6. Some good news, but will it be overridden by Parlement?

  7. No solo la bandera sureña en Estados Unidos de América, también la bandera simbólica de los veteranos norteamericanos es perseguida, lo siguiente será la bandera de UEA, o de cualquier país occidental.

    Naturalmente no hay similitud o reciprocidad con otras banderas no occidentales, como son las de los países de mayoría musulmana, o la propia bandera del Islam.

    Son desafíos continuos procedentes de la Extrema Izquierda, herramienta del Sionismo, dicen.


  8. Community activists who were allowed to see videos from the fatal police shooting of Paul O’Neal before they were made public...ssss..silence... :