Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Our ruling class seems to believe that anything distinctively European is inherently suspect or offensive. Thus we see negroes anachronistically inserted into period dramas as if to deny Europeans even an image of what their countries were like before they were enriched ruined by diversity.

I have already bemoaned the negrofication of contemporary music (link). Now, it seems, this treatment must be extended to music of the past too. The classical music industry is being pressurised into diversifying itself.


Trying to get more brown people into classical music is as absurd as trying to get more Europeans into reggae or rap. But, of course, no one is trying to do that.

We can expect to see this diversity genocide initiative supported, in the usual way, by special quotas and privileges for brown people. Tenth-rate composers or performers will be elevated to positions beyond their natural level of competence. European culture will be debased a little further. It's not just our noses that must be rubbed in diversity, but our ears too; as if they weren't enough already.


  1. El apagón informativo ( censura total por sucesos de acciones de guerra contra Occidente ) en la Mass Media : ha comenzado ya.

    Hace unas horas un nuevo atentado islámico en Austria, y hace unos días el caso de Suiza ; ocultando la identidad del soldado islámico.

    Saludos Diversity, suerte.