Saturday, 23 July 2016

During coverage of the Munich events, a video recording surfaced featuring what appeared to be the perpetrator on a rooftop in a shouted discussion with other people high up in a nearby building. Here is a transcript of what was said.
Perpetrator: Because of people like you I have been mobbed [harassed]. For seven years. 
Man: You arsehole, you wanker. 
Perpetrator: And now I need to buy weapons to shoot you down. 
Man: Your head should be cut off, you arsehole. ... 
Second man: Shit Turk. 
Man: Shit wog. [briefly incomprehensible] He's got a gun, loaded. Get one of the cops. The wanker. 
Perpetrator: I'm a German. 
Man: You're a wanker, you. Perpetrator: Stop filming me! 
Man: What makes you German then? 
Perpetrator: I was born here. 
Man: So? What kind of shit are you? 
Perpetrator: I grew up here, in the Hartz-IV area [tn: Hartz IV is the German welfare system], in [incomprehensible]. I was getting treatment in Giesing. 
Man: Yeah, treatment. You belong in a psychiatric centre, you arsehole. 
Perpetrator: I haven't done anything. [...] Keep your mouth shut! 
Man: You wanker, you. [To another person] Yes, he's running about here. He has a gun.
Then shots are heard. The men making the video go into cover.

So two observers insulted the perpetrator as a "Shit Turk" and "Shit wog" and the establishment then claimed this was proof that the perpetrator was a right-wing European patriot!

It will be interesting to see whether the observers in this video are now prosecuted for their "racist language".

No doubt the incident will be officially classified as the work of yet another crazy person who just happened to be a Muslim: Nothing to Do With Islam.

UPDATE: I was correct. The German police are now classifying the perp as a "klassischer Amoktäter" [standard spree killer] with no political connection.


  1. Very few 'official' reports ever use the word Moslem; generally, the Jihadists are referred to as 'lone wolf' (until a few more members of the pack emerge as perpetrators), or in the case of numerous Jihadists, they become 'terrorists', 'psychopaths,' 'people who misunderstand or pervert a peaceful religion'...

  2. Thanks for the info. So this was information operation, probably by the german government. They intentionally try to muddy the waters. Now they will say he was crazy or had personal issues with his girlfriend.

  3. only more a anti white racist!


    Hace unos meses, un sindicato de la Policía alemana emitió un comunicado quejándose de la presión que soportan, y, diciendo que el gobierno de Mamá Merkel había ocultado información y tergiversado los datos, además de ocultar los sucesos criminales de inmigrantes en Alemania.

    En algunos Medios de comunicación en España, tanto de radio como de tv, algunos periodistas evitaban pronunciar la palabra atentado islámico ó terroristas musulmanes, además se decía que el terrorista islámico de Niza, llevaba armas de juguete ( falsas ) en la parte de atrás del camión. Luego se supo que las armas eran de verdad...

    ¿ Te da cuén.. ?

    Tan difícil era expulsar a esas gentes, pero prefirieron llevarnos a la Guerra Civil en Occidente.

    Todos aquellos que viven muy bien, y no tienen preocupaciones de ningún tipo y manera son los primeros que deben de estar preocupados por la situación anómala que sufre Occidente.