Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Jihad is become routine now. One of most disturbing aspects of today's coverage of the priest's murder in France was that it was not continuous and pervasive. News channels that would once have focused totally on such a shocking story were now flicking away to cover other news too, including sports segments. This was true even in France. I was watching the French channel I-Télé and, in the midst of the reaction to the latest jihad horror, they included other news items such as one about a solar-powered plane. This is the sign that jihad is becoming routine. We are becoming numbed to what would once have been unthinkable. And in the midst of the major jihad attacks now occurring on an almost daily basis, the low-level jihad of crime and rape goes almost unnoticed. Here is one such incident.
A 79-year-old woman from Ibbenbüren was raped on Sunday morning in the cemetery. A witness heard cries for help at around 6 am and called the police. 
When the officers arrived, according to the police report they caught the perpetrator in the act. He is said to be a 40-year recognised refugee from Eritrea, who has been living in Germany since 2013.


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