Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Interviewed by the National Assembly's commission for national defence, Patrick Calvar, the head of the internal security service (DGSI), said in May: "Extremisms are on the rise everywhere and we are diverting resources to deal with the far-right which is only waiting for confrontation. And this confrontation, I think it is going to take place. Another one or two attacks and it will come."

  ... The figures from the IFOP poll carried out for Atlantico after the double murder of police officers in Magnanville also show that if small groups moved into action, they could benefit from a certain amount of goodwill from a fringe of the population. Asked about their response if such uncontrolled reprisal actions occurred, only 51% would condemn them, 39% would understand them without approving of them and 10% would approve of them."

Note he said this in May. So he was diverting resources from jihad to anti-jihad movements at a time of critical jihad threat. We have now had more jihad attacks, so if his predictions are correct, these reprisal actions should take place any time now.


  1. The French are as stupid as the Germans and Swedes.