Sunday, 31 July 2016

"Today, religion is everywhere." On Friday morning, speaking on Europe 1, Nadia Remadna doesn't mince her words, and she knows perfectly what she is talking about. The president of the association Brigade of Mothers has been fighting the rise of religious extremisms since 2014. In her district of Sevran, in Seine-Saint-Denis, she tries to offer support to families whose children are radicalising. But she is powerless as she watches the scourge metastasise. Because, despite numerous warnings, her struggle is still ignored: "I've been giving warnings for years. But the problem is that when we give a notification, they tell us that Salafism isn't a crime." 
But in the difficult districts, Salafism is part of daily life. Barely concealed, it has grown and put down roots without any politician showing concern about it, she says, she being in the front line to observe its advance. "Very pessimistic," she regrets above all the lack of attention shown to the hotbeds of radicalisation of which the worst can be predicted: "What makes me afraid today is the 13-14 year olds we're seeing now. They are time bombs, because we have missed them completely."


  1. Salafism is used by Moslems and their enablers as the supposed reason for the RESURGENCE (not 'radicalisation') of ISLAM. Islam is Mohamedenism and this is what no Moslem, purporting to be 'moderate' will discuss or admit to.Mohamed is described in his biolgraphy by Ibn Ishaq as having beheaded '600 or 700 men and boys' (possibly more as Ishaq states) who were brought to him bound and in trenches (their future graves). It is he who is the template for all this 'radicalisation' and it is his example which all Moslems are encouraged in the Koran and Hadiths to follow. Islam without Mohamed does not exist. For centuries, when Moslems have lived amongst more powerful, confidently assertive and religiously-grounded Westerners (i.e. CHRISTIANS because 'atheists' did not build Western Civlisation in the past 2,000 years), their ideology was defeated in battles, its 'thought vacuum' produced little substantive culture and its crushing repressive ideology kept those born into it or living under its earlier control in mental and physical, as well as economic and social enslavement. Now, with European and American social benefit systems, they are able to reassert Islam's existential threat, aided by complicit media and politicians and organisations. This Moslem woman's group is likely looking for more financial handouts from the State. And never forget, ZAKAT ('alms') includes, amongst its beneficiaries, those who 'fight in the Cause of Allah' (JIHAD) and, since Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, that proves what the real purpose of Islam is, "warfare to establish the religion" as defined in Islamic Law manuals, and that also exposes the lie that Islam ever can be 'peaceful' or without a conquering, militaristic core.