Tuesday, 12 July 2016

This happened in the Lyon local government building as the municipal officials were voting on whether they should give 1 million euros to the "French Institute for Muslim Civilisation" (sic).

They shout things like "No to Islamisation!", "Islamisation, that's enough", "This is our home" and "Generation Identity".


  1. Disruption gets absolutely nowhere. A far more effective action is to print one page leaflets, detailing dispassionately and precisely the reasons for objecting to funds being allocated for this purpose, and it is not enough to state that one is against islamisation; one must explain what islamisation actually means and entails for the general populace. These groups of activists seem to be unaware that there has been a complete silence on the part of lying media, as well as social service departments and politicians, as to what a Moslem presence means in hard, practical terms. Without such a rational approach, these demonstrations will eventually fail and only exasperate the general public. The time for showpieces is over and one must appeal to not only the patriot, but to the everyday issues with which the average person must deal (education, medical services, housing etc). European peoples have actually not had the experience of much true freedom of expression (or thought) and this can only be opened up with practical facts which will truly discomfort the kakistocracy and awaken the people at large.

    1. It is not Islam that doing mestizo children in English women, are Indians and Caribbeans man .

      is not Islam that traffics drugs, practicing theft and that stabs our youth, are blacks and mulattos.

      is not Islam that is opening the borders and criminalizing opinion, are the Jews.


    2. Jewish supremacists pretend they have the high moral ground as they endlessly promote open borders for Western countries. Meanwhile the same Jew lobbies con Western countries into fighting Israel's shameless wars of aggression against Israel's neighbors, killing, maiming, torturing, humiliating, and rendering homeless lots of angry embittered Muslims. The Jew lobbies then demand Western countries (NOT ISRAEL!!) take in all these Muslim refugees. Of course the Jew lobbies knew all along what would result -- the West would be destroyed, and the Jewish diaspora in Western countries would flee to Greater Israel -- which will by then stretch from the Euprates to the Nile -- courtesy of the same wars Israel instigates. Meanwhile, Israelis enjoy the spectacle of Christians & Muslims hating & killing each other.

  2. Génération Identitaire (france)is a racialist movement!?




    this couple is an active member of Generation identitaire she a Frenchwoman, he a half-breed of Thailand origin!

  3. Volvemos a recordar, según numerosos expertos y doctores en la materia, que el Islam es un sistema ANTI-DEMOCRÁTICO, que viola los derechos democráticos, y además fomenta la discriminación, la violencia y el odio gratuitamente.

    Y, los ciudadanos occidentales, que leen su Constitución, lo saben, y están en su derecho de hacer ver el error de los políticos sionistas o negligentes en el propio suelo occidental.

    Es defender la Democracia auténtica.