Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Cohn-Bendit : «Il faut arrêter de dire que le... by libezap
We need to stop saying that the people are always right. When a people votes for the far right, when a people votes for Nazism, it is not right, even if it is the people. When the English people know they have made a mistake, 10-20% , the people voted 51-52% for Brexit, now 10-20% of the Brexiters regret it.

The Jew Daniel Cohn-Bendit was the hero of the '68 student protests in Paris. Born in France, he elected to assume German citizenship to avoid military service. In the 70s, he ran a children's nursery and boasted of engaging in sexual activities with the children there.


  1. Watching that filthy pervert, it is even more disturbing to notice the smiles, smirks and outright laugthter (especially of the female) to Coh{e}n-Bendt's boasting of engaging in sexual acts with children and of how stimulating and exciting it was to him. It should be made more widely known that, in Talmudic Judaism (which is the Judaism in place for the past 1500 years in written form and before that in the Oral Tradition (mishnah) and Commentaries on it (gemarrah), it is fully acceptable for rabbis and priests to engage in coition with female children aged 3 years and 1 day, and for women to engage in sex with male children aged 9. Children below those ages are not regarded as sexually mature, and not therefore responsible participants in sex and so, therefore, cannot ascribe or 'throw guilt' to their adult sexual abusers, which must be a comfort of sorts to the repulsive Coh{e}n-Bendt. And this sexual abuse of children, carried on into society by Jewish-dominated Hollywood through the decades, and Jewish-owned mass media (Jews ran all three major US broadcasting systems from their beginnings), has percolated throughout society in the deliberate attempt to make paedophilia and pederasty main-stream and acceptable (and the importation of Moslems, with their own acceptance of sexual abuse of children and the violence to back it up, is why Jews will always support Moslems against the still Christian Western peoples.