Sunday, 3 July 2016

The con man who assumed the name Elie Wiesel has died. We may never know what his real name was.

A dedicated partisan for Jewish causes, he made himself rich and famous by spinning an elaborate web of lies about his supposed experience of the Holocaust. Careful reading of his work reveals telling implausible details suggesting conscious fraud.

After he had achieved fame, a magazine set up a "surprise" interview with an old acquaintance from the camp. Rather than greeting one another like long lost brothers, however, the two men did not recognise one another at all. The other man spoke to Wiesel in Hungarian which he appeared not to understand. "Who is this?" he said to the journalists. Embarrassed, Wiesel gave the other man a copy of his book and walked off.

Although Wiesel, in his book, claimed he had been tattooed on his arm. Photographed much later, however, there was no tattoo on his arm.

"Wiesel" was a Jewish con man who got away with a lifetime of lies.


  1. Just remember that the MSM around the world let him get away with his lies for years and years -

  2. His cons also led to billions of dollars, pounds, euros being expended as part of extortionate rackets to 'recoup' losses by his ethnicity's organised groups around the world and this included not only monetary gains but also weaponry and materiel used to build Israel and this still continues with the US government giving Israel $3billions per year. In Europe and throughout most Western countries, this has also led to museums organised to propagandise this deliberate distortion and schoolchildren everywhere and adults, too, are indoctrinated to, ultimately, assume a false 'guilt', to despise their own Western Christian nations and civilisation. Ultimately, the Truth always wins but it requires courageous people to expose such charlatans and their agendae.

  3. He got his comeuppance in one sense, having lost $15millions (!) as a result of being one of the victims of Bernie Madoff's 'ponzi scheme' which cheated many people; that Madoff was also a member of the tribe adds a certain rough justice, at least in Wiesel's case, to the depletion of a fortune garnered from deception.

  4. Posiblemente esos dineros o fortunas nunca podrán comprar la salida ( salvación ) del Infierno donde los ojos de Dios emite su veredicto final, después de ésta vida terrenal.

    Otras noticias interesantes, de LGTB ( Comunismo, etc.., y sus subvenciones financieras ) - Investigación de la Historia :