Monday, 18 July 2016

Asked by Keith Vaz, committee chair, about the influence of social media, the Chief Rabbi said it was "part of the problem, but not the whole problem". 
He called on social media companies to do more to stop antisemitism appearing on their sites and said he believed companies should introduce filters to block such hatred. 
The Chief Rabbi also voiced his concern about the rise of hate crime in Britain since the European Union referendum last month.


  1. Yeah, good luck with that, Shlomo.


    Palabra de un Signasupervestes.

  3. Lashan Hora: in Judaism anything which can be regarded as offensive or threatening to the hearer (or his community at large) must NOT be said or made known, even if it is the TRUTH. This is a way of protecting the community/ethnic group/tribe and also of enforcing the silence of individuals within that group. In Judaism, a jew who makes known certain teachings (usually from the Talmud) to non-jews, is indulging in lashan hora (which is termed "evil speech") and can deserve a death sentence. In modern times, when rabbis generally no longer have such control (and decisions of life or death) over their communities, this is likely 'commuted' to exclusion from the community or social reprisals and, for non-jews, this is essentially a lock-down on their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of thought (what you cannot speak, you eventually will not even think because, amongst other factors, you will not have access to the truth and you will lack the {permitted} vocabulary with which to make the truth known, even to yourself.

    Judaism should be exposed because too many Western leaders are either themselves jewish or of jewish background or are in service to their aims. The idea of filtering speech is a precursor to what jews have been aiming for for some time: the criminalisation (in legal, statutory form) of "anti-semitism". The false 'counter-jihad' expends great energy railing against the attempts to silence discussion of Islam but, being primarily jewish-led, will never speak against these jewish attempts to silence freedom of speech.

  4. Wish rather we had filters to prevent semitic ownership and data mining of social media companies.