Tuesday, 21 June 2016


A well of hatred drove a far-left British man to try and kill Donald Trump yesterday. Of course I don't actually know that he was far left or that he emerged from a well of hatred, but those considerations didn't seem to restrain any discussion of Jo Cox's assassin Thomas Mair, so why should they apply now? British MPs are set to investigate the "far right" following the death of Saint Jo Cox.
A powerful committee of MPs is set to investigate the danger the political far right poses in the wake of the stabbing and shooting to death of Jo Cox. 
The home affairs committee will discuss the issue next week and its chair, Labour MP Keith Vaz, said he was already aware some committee members wanted an inquiry. Vaz said: “The rise of far-right extremism needs to be studied and acted on with much greater determination and members of the committee have asked that we do so urgently.” 
He added: “There are strong arguments as to why we should look at this issue.”

Perhaps they should now extend their investigation to cover the far left?

According to a recent report in the Guardian, half of the resources in the Prevent programme in the Yorkshire area  - originally designed to combat Jihad - are now devoted to the negligible threat of the "far right".

According to Prevent, the government’s counter-extremism programme, the region’s small but determined far-right nexus has led to far-right extremists accounting for half of all referrals in Yorkshire to its counter-radicalisation programme.

Perhaps it should now be upped to 70%, 80%?

This is the standard pattern in the initiatives brought in to counter the invasive threat of Islam: they are instead turned against the indigenous resistance.


  1. DEF-CON-3 - Jun 21st, 2016 :

  2. The Left will align with Muslims and will use Muslims as mercenaries or shock troops against the native White Christian population.

  3. Ya lo comenté en otros Foros interancionales de libre acceso, de temática patriota occidental. Dije que Triump lo iban a intentar asesinar, al igual que con JFK. Si bien Donald ha simpatizado con La Masonería, esta organización internacional siempre suele desconfiar de todos sus miembros, y él se ha convertido en un enemigo de Sión. Hillary seguro que no tiene éstos problemas y mucho menos nuestro amigo Sanders ( un agitador aficionado al cannabis en tiempos pasados, judío por cierto y pro-sionista, además de comunista radical ).

    Agregada opinión de Laguna Beach Fogey, opino igual, más pruebas de ello :