Saturday, 4 June 2016

While citizens and rescue workers continue to struggle against the masses of mud in Swabian Gmünd which has been struck by the bad weather, a curious clear-up action with refugees has created a media sensation: According to initial reports from the local "Rems Zeitung", on Wednesday 1 June there was an assistance operation in Eutighofer Straße in which the asylum seekers housed there helped deal with the damage caused by the bad weather. A television team camera filmed them doing this. The problem: the operation took place at a time when the assistance was no longer required. It was staged for the camera. 
Enraged citizens observed the scene, writes the "Rems Zeitung". Eye witnesses reported that the refugees were forced to dig out flood waste that had already been stored in containers by the inhabitants to show how the new fellow citizens in Swabia's Gemünd were actually lending a hand. In this the refugees were equipped with "light casual clothing and spotless sports shoes and upbeat music from smartphones", writes the local newspaper. The irritation of the citizens was so great that scuffles occurred.

Supposedly, the stunt was staged for an Austrian camera team, as yet unidentified. Locals asked the refugees why they were doing this and were told the mayor had asked them to. The local government denies this and insists that refugees did actually help in earlier clear-up work that was not filmed.


  1. It's disgusting how low the New World Order can go... Shit like this was supposed to only happen in the Soviet Union or Nazi Gemrnay.

    1. The EUSSR is like the Soviet Union, complete with Jews in top positions of power.

      The Muslim and Jewish communities share a common heritage, and have been connected by many bridges in the past. The Council will serve to build more bridges between and among these communities in future

      For its part, the Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council will coordinate and mobilize resources within its networks to offer support for refugees in Europe.