Friday, 10 June 2016

Last year, Muslim apologist Alexandre Laumonier published an article in Le Monde declaring that "Molenbeek isn't a ghetto". Now, in an interview with the same newspaper, he explains why he decided to leave the area.
I left Molenbeek for one simple reason: signing my son up for school. I had no wish every day to meet women coming to look for their children wearing burkas, or these sinister bearded proselytes who wake the streets. After eight years in Molenbeek, and even without the attacks, it was time to go to another place where, in the street, people's looks don't make you feel as much that you are nothing but an infidel.


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  2. CZ: OT, "Protecting Intenet Freedom Act"

    What this means, in effect, is that US Government control of the internet which supports the First Amendment to the Constitution (freedom of speech) could be surrendered to bodies or governments which do not have such legislative protection of freedom of speech and would therefore be able to shut down any part of the internet under their control. The Obama Administration appears quite willing to surrender this US control with its freedom of speech guarantee, as a way of silencing free speech.