Monday, 27 June 2016

This article about Brexit appeared in the German-language Jewish newspaper Juedische Allgemeine.
But above all, and here Europe's Jews are directly affected: If the EU breaks apart, in its place we would have a bunch of national states. And not the semi-civilised kind like Belgium, France or, yes, Germany. Instead Poland or Hungary would be the norm, countries with a barely interrupted authoritarian and antisemitic tradition, one that is currently gaining in strength. In Hungary President Viktor Orbán is calling for a struggle against "a political and intellectual elite" that "consists of world citizens in contrast to the nationally conscious majority".

Note how Jews are allowed to grossly insult Europeans with impunity, but Europeans face persecution just for making mild remarks expressing scepticism about the Jewish worldview.
A right-wing lawmaker in Germany accused of anti-Semitism in his writings has avoided being expelled from his party, at least for now. 
Wolfgang Gedeon will remain a voting member of the Baden-Württemberg state parliament with no party affiliation after temporarily waiving his rights on Tuesday to represent the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) following a lengthy meeting with party leaders. 
The leaders decided to postpone a decision on removing the lawmaker until after Gedeon produces an expert opinion on writings over the years in which he referred to the Holocaust as a “civil religion of the West,” called the Holocaust memorial in Berlin “a memorial to certain crimes,” and referred to Holocaust deniers as “dissidents.”


  1. These people are so self-obsessed that they can not think rationally anymore. Basically what's good for the jews is "civilised", while what is not good for the jews is "uncivilised". What's good for the jews is "democratic", while what's not good for the jews is "authoritarian". This is total self-obsession causing a distortion of reality. These people do not care about the truth, they only care about themselves.

    Notice the errors that they make: calling those against jews authoritarian, simply because they are against jews. While in reality, the governments of Poland and Hungary are fully democratic, and serve the vast majority of their people.

    So they are gettimg so self-obsessed, that anyone against them must be authoritarian, no matter if this is the truth or not.

  2. This mind-set comes out of Talmudic Judaism which has been the guiding force of 'judaic theology' since about 500AD (NOT 'BC'!) in its concrete, written form, and, before then, in pre-Christ times through the Mishna and Gemarrah ('oral tradition' and the commentaries on that tradition, and these were what Christ spoke against when he rightly judged these people to have perverted the word of God in favour of a man-made and man-centred theocracy, and to be basically satanic in its nature with its distortions and perceptions). If the 'jew' according to the Talmud, is 'human' and fully man, but those who are not 'jewish' are thus non-human and primarily meant to serve the jews, then of course an absurd and dangerous view of their own group and all 'others' arises and, coupled with the belief that since 'god' made only the jew as human, then any threat, insult or perceived danger to 'his' "people" is tantamount to blasphemy and must be stopped or dealt with with all force. 'Lashan hora' is "evil speech" in 'judaism' in which anything which is said that is perceived to be insulting or dangerous to the 'people', EVEN IF WHAT IS SAID IS THE TRUTH, must not be permitted because it insults the 'god' and 'his creation, the 'man', the jew. This is the real basis, through the centuries ultimately to our day, of "hate speech" and the legislation against it. The more people who know this, the more people will understand who and what restricts and seeks to destroy our freedoms.

  3. Efectivamente me aproximo mucho a las opiniones anteriores de los usuarios en éste hilo, está todo documentado científicamente.

    Ya hemos dicho que ésta carrera está ganada de antemano, no por algo especial, sino por que es muy difícil luchar contra la evidencia. Y muchos judíos de poder son fieles a la tradición de sus ancestros ; ¨ meten la pata ¨ .

    Es evidente que a la gente de cultura no occidental se le permite muchas cosas, como por ejemplo transformar una crítica en un insulto. Insulto a millones de occidentales en sus respectivas naciones occidentales.

    Yo expulsaría de suelo occidental a esas personas por el mero de fomentar el odio y la xenofobia de forma gratuita e infundada, pues una cosa es opinar, otra documentar ( u aportar pruebas científicas, de la Historia ) y otra más y posterior es : rozar el delito, en ese juego democrático tan novedoso e innovador que sus iguales han promocionado con todo tipo de ¨ judiadas ¨. ( Véase el significado de éste término, según algunos diccionarios de lenguas en el mundo ).

    1. Ah, y se me olvidaba decirlo. Hay que recordar, otra vez más, que cuando aparezca el término o la nomenclatura de Anti-semitismo ; hay que tener mucho cuidado por aquellos que han creído estar envalentonados por la ignorancia consentida, pues como es sabido Anti-semitismo es anti-cristiano, entre otros más aspectos, pues ésta palabra no es exclusiva de gentes no occidentales. Muy importante recordarlo y hacerlo saber, o incluso quizás, compartirlo.