Sunday, 5 June 2016

Caritas is probably the most rabidly pro-immigration institution within the Catholic Church. It masquerades as a charity but is, in reality, a racket. It makes a ton of money running refugee reception centres. One of these is at the Sant'Antonio church in Ventimiglia, on the border between France and Italy. In this church it seems "refugee" support now takes precedence over actual Christian worship.
Some worshippers who entered the church to recite the rosary have been asked by volunteers to pray in silence. One female worshipper replied "Take the migrants to another church". Then the parish priest arrived, Don Rito, who accompanied the women to another house of worship.


  1. Más de 1.000 real patriotas alemanes ( this is not PEGIDA or Hegida ) :

    Más enlaces de la noticia :

    Algunos políticos alemanes ( ADF ) han dicho que ¨ El Gran Reemplazo ¨ ha comenzado ya en Alemania.
    En realidad comenzó hace décadas.