Thursday, 9 June 2016

Federal finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) has issued an urgent warning to Europe over closing in on itself in the face of ever larger obstacles being placed for migrants. "Sealing ourselves off is what would ruin us, leaving us to degenerate through inbreeding," he said to the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" (Thursday). In Germany Muslims contributed to openness and diversity: "Look at the third generation of Turks, especially at the women. That is an enormous potential for innovation." 
He also demanded a fundamental change in dealings with the Arab world and Africa: "Africa will be our problem, we must accept the task." In view of the many refugees from crisis zones in the Middle East and Africa Schäuble followed up: "One thing is clear for the future: We will have to invest more in Iraq, Syria and Libya and then we will have to pay more for development in the sub-Sahara."

These are the kinds of pathological thoughts that lurk in the minds of our rulers. Sarkozy said almost exactly the same thing years ago (link). They are as crazed as any racial supremacist fantasy ever was. But these are the ideas shaping our disastrous immigration policy. Schäuble, incidentally, is a wheelchair-bound cripple, obviously an expert on physical degeneracy.

In the same interview, he said Europe didn't need so much economic growth any more. We could "give" it to brown-skinned people instead.
The wealthy countries actually don't need so much economic growth any more. "Let us promote the rising economies of the South instead," said Schäuble.
This when Europe is the continent with the lowest economic growth in the world except Antarctica. The people ruling us are madmen.


  1. To accuse our 'leaders' (the kakistocracy) of being 'mad' would release us from the responsibility of acknowledging firstly, that they are EVIL, not 'mad' and, secondly, that by allowing this to continue, we are complicit.

    Schauble either knows nothing, or does not wish the people to know anything, about CONSANGUINITY (marriage of first cousins along paternal lines): over 50% of Moslems, world-wide, marry their first cousins and the resultant mental and physical illnesses are tied directly to genetic defects due to this in-breeding. The last thing which Europeans need is to breed with such a people; it will destroy European genes very quickly; it has already proven a major medical problems (in the UK, Denmark, France, etc) and has already been the subject of Parliamentary discussions in the British House of Commons years ago. As for the Moslem females, it is they who commit female genital mutilation (the first 'exciser' referred to in Islamic Hadiths was a female whom Mohamed encouraged to continue with her 'work' and advising her how to 'cut'); they wear the Islamic headcovering which is meant to indicate, again according to the Hadiths, that the female is an aw'rat, a shameful orifice, whose body contains 10 such orifices which must be covered until the grave covers the body. Hardly a people who will contribute socially, morally, genetically or economically, to Europe or anywhere in the West.

    As to funding Africa, same points and add the exploding birth rates and low IQ of the Negroid Race, which is also yoked with Islam from centuries of conquest. The West has been bailing out Africa and Asia for decades, if not centuries; long past time to stop the money, materiel and personal support.

  2. Yet he does not say anything about the inbreeding in Israel (only jewish immigration, marrying non-jews not allowed), or the inbreeding in Africa (that is black only, guess why is that), or the inbreeding in Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.) or the inbreeding among arabs, pakistanis, etc. So he asks for "diversity" only for europeans, but not for others, which shows his hypocrisy.

    He is not only mentally ill, but he is also a puppet and a slave. Because his masters do not believe in what he says. This is simply the degeneration of decadent euro elites.

    And the inbreeding argument could be countered in other ways too: whites simply need to have more children and to spread to various environments around the world (just like they did in the past). This will lead to lots of whites with different qualities, a large and diverse white population (even now whites have the most diverse eye and hair colours), and in this way, the negative effects of inbreeding will be avoided. Also, there is no point in trying to destroy the biodiversity of the planet and trying to make everybody to be brown.
    If some whites are racist for saying that non-whites should be removed, then it should be equally racist to propose that everybody should be brown.

    "This when Europe is the continent with the lowest economic growth in the world except Antarctica."

    Yes, he is delusional, not to mention that Southern Europe and some parts of Eastern Europe are near economic implosion and the share of Western Europe in the world economy in 2050 is projected to drop to 7 percent. Europe will not be in position to "save the world" since Europe will implode in 20 years due to its population getting older and growing debt levels, not to mention the drop in IQ due to immigration.

    "The people ruling us are madmen."
    Yes, i believe that too. They are obsessed with building their great personal Utopia. But they are also not smart, because smart people are not those who are puppets and mental slaves to someone else.

  3. Nicely worded! We have a similar idiot running Canada, his brains leaked out his nose...
    We are already experiencing rape complaints in Vancouver, B.C.
    My thoughts are the reason Whites aren't breeding like rabbits is because they recognize they have to feed and educate their offspring,
    which costs around $250,000 or more [probably more] per child for everything...
    In 3rd. world countries, the parents have a ton of kids because 1/4 of the children or more will probably die before reaching maturity through starvation or diseases' ...
    What I noticed, was these 'new' people only want hand-outs...they DON'T want to work or be a part of the country they have migrated to...which is sad... They will bring us down economically.