Thursday, 2 June 2016

This happened in Arnsdorf, Germany. An Iraqi asylum seeker, who is a patient at a local psychiatric centre, returns to a supermarket where he had previously purchased a telephone card. He complains it doesn't work but they have a hard time understanding him. The woman at the till checks the card and sees it has been used. She explains to him its credit is used up and he will need to buy a new one. 
In a rage, he grabs a wine bottle and starts brandishing it, resisting attempts to take it from him, and threatening the staff. 

Eventually, three men arrive, take the bottle from him and drag him outside, having to subdue him forcefully when he tries to resist. They tie him to a tree using cable fasteners and leave him there. It is being said these men were members of a "Bürgerwehr" [citizen defence] group, similar to the Soldiers of Odin groups that are spreading in various places. But Bürgerwehr associations are illegal in Germany and the men deny being members of one. It has now been revealed that one of the men is a local council member for the CDU party (mainstream conservative, Merkel's party). All three men are now being investigated for unlawful imprisonment. 

Arnsdorf is in Saxony, the most "conservative" part of Germany, where the Pegida movement has its stronghold and support for the AfD is also very high.


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