Saturday, 11 June 2016

An identity check on a tramway passenger without a ticket degenerated on Thursday around 5.20 pm, at the corner of the Place de la Comédie and the Rue de Verdun, at the Comédie station, in Montpellier. Two TaM3M officials accomanied by police officers from the public transport surveillance unit for public safety wanted to check the details of a 23-year-old man, who had just taken the tramway line 1 without a ticket. 
He became enraged and refused to provide details of his identity so the officials could fill in the offence report, in particular declaring that tramway checks were banned during Ramadan! This is utterly false, of course, as the inspectors and police brought to his attention. In reality this fraudster was invoking the pretext of Ramadan to justify his infringement. 
While the tempers heightened, a 21-year-old man came and joined in with lively verbal exchanges, taking the side of the person being checked, insulting the two inspectors then issuing death threats to them. The two men were arrested by the public transport police. In the pockets of the one who refused to be checked because of Ramadan, they found 16 grams of cannabis resin.


  1. Los franceses están hartos del multi-kulti que imponen los políticos, y de forma igual en todo Occidente, es así.

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    1. Los dos primeros enlaces casi siempre tratan artículos del Islam y noticias de musulmanes, pero rara vez de otros aspectos como La Masonería, Sionismo, etcétera.

      El último enlace de noticias compartidas es claramente anti-sionista.