Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Even in official circles, where you might think news of a far-right terrorist would be considered useful for propaganda purposes, there seems to be a lot of scepticism about the claims being made by the government of Ukraine in relation to Grégoire Moutaux.
Nevertheless, the case is generating a great deal of prudence in French police and diplomatic circles. 
...Then, after two years, the Ukraine and Russia are engaged in a ferocious information war, where the agencies of the two camps continually try to discredit the enemy by deliberately spreading extremely dodgy and unverified information. In this case, Vasyl Hrytsak, the head of the SBU, hastened to evoke a "Russian connection" in the affair, without backing up his remarks. 
...Furthermore, the Ukraine is in difficult negotiations with the EU with a view to introduce free movement of Ukrainian citizens in Europe. "They want us to thank them, to owe them something," another diplomatic source says confidentially.

Meanwhile, this "far-right terrorist" had some implausible Facebook likes, including Rihanna, Karim Benzema and Charlie Hebdo. Severe scepticism being expressed now.
"We have someone who isn't on the police radar screens, who has a banal profile and above all attack plans that are absolutely incredible." And more specifically: "Fifteen attacks during the Euro championships, that means one attack every two days against different targets." 
What "astonishes" Jean-Yves Camus, "is that the Ukrainians have been on this man for months. The weapons that can be seen in the Ukrainian video, according to him, are the result of a trap set by the Ukrainian secret services." 
The political expert wonders if it is not more of a case of arms trafficking. For this specialist in the far right, "the far right doesn't have much more than the verbal will to move on to terrorist action. According to all the evidence, it doesn't have the logistical means. Starting on the line of identitarian terrorism is totally abusive and premature."