Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER), and grand rabbi of Moscow, said today that populist parties in Europe were winning votes in Jewish communities due to their fear of Islamism. 
In Vienna for a meeting of the CER, he declared that a "significant part of the local Jewish community voted for Norbert Hofer in the presidential elections," he said in an interview. 
Norbert Hofer was the Freedom Party (FPÖ) candidate in the last election Austria. The Austrian Jewish community is estimated at 15,000 people, compared to more than 500,000 Muslims, among 8.4 million inhabitants. 
The grand rabbi also mentioned the example of the Front National in France, and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. "When God gave out intelligence, everyone didn't receive it in the same way. And when these parties come with a populist message to Jews and say: 'We're going to save you from the Muslims', the propaganda works," he added. 
The grand rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt expressed the opinion that Europe should respond to these worries by reinforcing security at its frontiers, and insisting on better integration of refugees. 
"If the traditional European parties do not deal with these issies, they are going to lose," he declared. "Moderate Muslims are our natural allies. They are much more victims of Islamism than Jews," he added.

The figure for the number of Jews in Austria I saw previously was 6000. Here they're claiming 15,000. The discrepancy seems to arise from the difference between religiously practising or believing Jews and Jews defined by ancestry. It's notable that when talking among themselves, Jews seem to use the genetic figure rather than the religious one.


  1. El Sionismo intentará estar en la vanguardia de la idea de la defensa de Occidente, como se sabe en numerosos escritos sionistas y planes secretos en obras materialistas de público exclusivo.

    Pero, esa inteligencia, humana, es eso mismo, humana, por lo que es imperfecta, y no sigue unas pautas divinas o espirituales ( que son perfectas e intangibles, como el pensamiento de cada ser vivo ), y es ahí, donde aparece el fracaso final de esos planes, aunque todavía hay gente que creen en esas misiones sionistas.

    Y, es que no se puede servir a dos señores al mismo tiempo. La inteligencia la poseen todos los seres vivos, de hecho para permanecer con vida y existir es necesario un grano de inteligencia, o recuerdo, para poder defenderse en próximas situaciones. Aquellos que subestiman al débil no pueden jamás alcanzar la perfección, en ello, la inteligencia pura.

    Esta batalla está ganada para Occidente, pero habrá mucho sufrimiento, y posiblemente recientes Estados nacidos desaparecerán de la faz de la Tierra. Es pura matemática. Dividir y conquistar puede servir para algo temporal pero no para perdurar en el tiempo, y el tiempo es ahora. La Famosa Propaganda está derrumbada, solo aquellos que todavía son víctimas de la ignorancia perecerán en todo conflicto de mega-política provocado. Pues aquel que juega con dos barajas necesita de los mismos, y el que está libre lucha contra un enemigo y el otro enemigo es la mitad de éste. Tal vez sea prioridad inteligente.

  2. There are some factors in this article which are not immediately discernible, but which act in our favour:

    Rabbis have, for the better part of two millenia, held sway in Judaism, due in large part to their position in the Talmud as the arbiters of everything to do with 'judaism.' This has provided them with much power, wealth and prestige within their own communities/ghettos and the larger world as they are seen as the spokesmen for their ideology (the Talmud exalts {jewish} man, and particularly the 'rabbis', over God and the non-jews). The modern world, for all its shortcomings, does provide opportunity for the individual per se to remove himself (they seldom actually challenge openly) this rabbinical control system. This works in the favour of the Western Christian world.

    Secondly, as with all supremacist ideologies, those at the top of it (the rabbis) develop an attitude which can be dismissive, and indeed hostile or indifferent, to the fate of even their own peoples who reside lower in the ranks of education, wealth, power, social esteem. This was so before WWII when, despite the protests of German Jews that they were not actually suffering persecution but that the machinations of the World Jewish Congress (its economic boycott/war against Germany) was actually increasing such a likelihood, the WJC simply ignored German Jews and regarded them as propaganda fodder. In present day Israel, the 'secular' jews have the same problem, their concerns being relegated behind the demands and power of the 'orthodox' jews, especially in regard to both domestic and international affairs, which also impinges on jews' concept of their own security. All this, too, eventually helps the West. There are grounds in this article for realising that 'divide and conquer' also works against the jews, and that the very events they are pushing world-wide (wars, enforced loss of freedoms of speech and assembly, invasion of Europe, etc) will ultimately act against them.