Monday, 6 June 2016

An 'immigrant hating' Frenchman who planned 15 mass attacks on the Euro 2016 football championship was today facing a range of terrorist charges after being arrested in Ukraine. 
Police announced the arrest of the 25-year-old, identified as Gregoire M., on the day the England team flew into Paris ready for the tournament's kick off on Friday. 
'Gregoire was armed to the teeth and ready to strike,' said a source close to the investigation, who said details of targets emerged during questioning. 
The 'far-right nationalist', who originally comes from Bar-le-Duc, near Reims, in northeast France, was arrested on Ukraine's border with Poland on May 21st. Ukraine police said he had massed a 'vast arsenal' including five Kalashnikov assault rifles, two anti-tank grenade launchers, 5000 rounds of ammunition and 125kg of TNT explosives. 
'He could have caused carnage,' said the source, who also described Gregoire as 'a farm worker from the Lorraine district of France, who objected to his country being taken over by immigrants.' 
Gregoire was a confirmed Islamophobe and anti-Semite, and specifically wanted to targets mosques, synagogues, and 'large crowds building up around Euro 2016.' 
Vasyl Grytsak, of the SBU Ukrainian security service, said: 'We were able to prevent fifteen terrorist acts that were planned in France on the eve of and during the European Championship football.' 
He confirmed Gregoire aimed 'to blow up a Muslim mosque, a Jewish synagogue, tax collection organisations, police patrol units and numerous other locations'. Mr Grytsak added: 'He obtained five Kalashnikov rifles, more than 5,000 bullets, two anti-tank grenade launchers, 125 kilogrammes (275pounds) of TNT, 100 detonators, 20 balaclavas and other things.' 
Gregoire was particularly opposed to France's policy of allowing in migrants, the spread of Islam and globalisation, said Mr Grytsak. Soon after Gregoire's arrest in Ukraine, a raid was carried out at his home in France. There officers found Neo-Nazi t-shirts, as well as chemicals used to produce explosives. He had no criminal record.

Le Figaro reports the T-Shirt bearing the symbol of a far-right group. It would be interesting to know what group. Probably the French authorities will use this as an excuse to ban the group.

His full name is apparently Grégoire Moutaux.
At present French investigators have nothing to confirm or invalidate any terrorist line of inquiry and are going to demand "additional information" from the Ukrainians. "A request for international mutual legal assistance has been sent but no judicial document has been sent by the Ukrainians as of now," they specified.

Remember who's in charge of the Ukraine. (link)

This could be a set-up.
It was from December 2015 that the Ukrainian services became interested in a French citizen who presented himself as a volunteer to support the army or the refugees, a common activity in Ukraine which many foreigners participate in. 
"He made contact with armed groups in the east of the country, and promised to bring aid, but became more and more interested in buying weapons and explosives," explained Vassyl Hrytsak on Monday. 
A plan is said to have been hatched in Kiev which let the man acquire 5000 bullets, two grenade launchers with 18 shells, 125 kg de TNT, 100 detonators and 20 balaclavas. "The work then lasted almost six months, during which we documented all of his actions," said Mr Hrytsak. At the start, we thought it was a traditional terrorist organisation. But then we came upon an organisation in France that is unhappy with those in power and was planning a series of attacks during the Euro championships."


  1. Keep trying. "If at first you don't succeed..."

  2. Es muy raro que con la invasión y ataques que sufre a diario Occidente no aparezcan más breivik´s o similar perfiles.

    Sin duda los occidentales tenemos mucha paciencia, y también estamos atados de pies y manos no así gente radical extranjera.

    El Sionismo hace el resto, camuflados en políticas occidentales, que ellos mismos han creado para desestabilizar el mundo occidental.

    Según algunos expertos en seguridad --- políticamente correctos --- ¨ los ciudadanos occidentales debemos de seguir nuestra vida de forma normal y cotidiana, seguir consumiendo y con toda normalidad, porque si no fuere así ; sería dar la razón a los terroristas ¨ .

    Similares palabras, son esclarecedoras, no tengo la menor duda, y que se traduce, así lo creemos en que : somos carne de cañón, solo servimos para que los ricos sean más ricos y los sionistas campen a sus anchas con la Gran Mentira. Es decir, vivimos en un mundo con sistemas totalmente totalitarios y falsos, ya podemos ver como incluso policías franceses han sido expedientados y condenados por delitos de odio por : subir fotos compartidas de otros lugares de información legales.

    ( un experto de seguridad, reconocido, en una cadena privada de televisión a nivel nacional en España ).

    Una alarma mundial muy grave, y no menos preocupante que desemboca al final en la Guerra Civil Occidental, según otros expertos en seguridad ( de rango superior al que dice que hay que consumir [ ya citado ] los dos militares y de países occidentales ).

    Saludos Diversity, muchas gracias por compartir y no ser víctima de la intoxicación de la Mass Media.