Friday, 24 June 2016

This is a beautiful moment in history, one of those rare occasions when the people rise and deliver a check to their rulers, casting their arrogance down.  

It is a beautiful thing to see the advice of experts swept contemptuously aside by the people, a triumphant assertion of democracy over bureaucracy. And it is a beautiful thing to see the discomfiture of the ruling caste as revolting peasants ransack their palaces. These will be memories to treasure for ever and there will be more such moments to come. 

The consequences of this will ripple across the continent, emboldening patriots everywhere. Nothing that could conceivably have happened could have better aided the cause of European survival. 

Let's be clear. It was concern about immigration that delivered this result. They have reaped the whirlwind for rubbing our noses in diversity. And let this be just the gentle slope of the curve.

New York Times headline


  1. Traitor's Gate, at Her Majesty's Fortress and Tower of London, awaits the arrival, and eventual disposition, of the Enemies of the Crown and the People.

  2. "and there will be more such moments to come."

    Yes, its good. And logical. Various stats show that partisanship and political polarisation in the US, (for example), has increased. So as whites become a minority, polarisation and ethnisation should increase. McDonald himself mentioned that with every election, there are more and more whites voting for the republican party.

    The other thing that is destabilising western societies is the fact that they are in relative decline compared to the rest of the world - their share of world GDP, and hence, their influence on the world stage, is dropping.
    And according to some metrics, there is some absolute decline, as well. For example people in the US are poorer than in 2001, the debt levels have increased for most western countries, IQ has dropped, and some of them (Germany) are undergoing populaion decline.

    All of those factors should cause increased destabilisation of declining, open borders societies.

    I will be very happy if you can find info about detailed voters demographics, including gender, ethnic, religious, and racial. The only thing i know up to now is that Scots backed the Remain campaign.

    1. The Scots backed the Remaniac Campaign largely because they have become parasites feeding off of the English people, for decades now, at least since the Labour Government under Blair which definitely, and unjustly, favoured the Scots over the rest of the United Kingdom. Time to tell the Scots to 'sink or swim' on their own, although I presume the EU will be only too willing to offer millions in largesse to the Scots' traitorous politicians and, thereby, incur devastating debt and vassaldom for the Scots in perpetuity, as the EU has done with Greece, Italy, and most of the rest of the poor Slaves of the EU.

    2. Re a breakdown of the voting on demographics, gender, etc, that may not be forthcoming, under restrictive 'hate' laws because the tyrants don't want the public to realise how weighted voting now is against the native Caucasian Christian peoples. For example, one could surmise that the present rather tight vote, won by the Brexit side, would have been less so, and with more votes for Brexit, if the country were not so packed with parasitic third-worlders who were brought in, as we have known since Andrew Neather's remarks, in order to deliberately change the demographic picture of Britain (from historically Caucasian Christian to mixed races and moslem) and to "rub the noses" of the British people in 'multiculturalism.' If Great Britain is to have a future for its own native peoples, then enforced deportation will be essential because, given reproduction levels of the third-worlders, they may well be in a position to wrench power from the majority natives in a very short while. The existential battle for Great Britain has only just begun and people will have to ignore the bleats, threats and lies of those who have a vested interest in the eventual displacement and/or destruction of the native people of Great Britain.

  3. And the Good News keeps rolling in:

    David Cameron has just announced his RESIGNATION!

    On to the Tower of London for him, if the Monarch still possessed her sovereignty, but unfortunately, she, too, sold the Sovereignty of Great Britain to the EU when she gave the Royal Assent to the Lisbon Treaty. Now that the British people, especially the English amongst them, have reclaimed their Sovereignty, perhaps the British should have a real 'clean sweep...

    1. I take that to mean you're suggesting a new king is needed - or queen - who has the best interests of his or her natural NATIVE subjects at heart. The present lot do not - if she did she would rally and lead us and we would throw off the nwo elites who are strangling and killing us and throw out the culturally enhanced invaders

    2. Edwards order banning jews from england has never been revoked - Jews are not lawfully permitted in england and by extension Jews are not permitted in the English speaking new world countries