Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I've made the point before that the genocide being inflicted on us is, in part, an urbicide Or Eurbicide; that is, our cities, the historic focal points of our culture, are being taken away from us. Aliens are already a majority in some of them; in many others, they are a majority in the younger age strata. 

Here you see this Eurbicide displayed very graphically. The blue areas, comprising almost all of the country, are the ones that voted for Freedom. The Green areas voted for Van der Bellen.These are the country's urban centres like Vienna, Salzburg, Linz. Although much smaller, they have higher population density.

Green, of course, is also the colour of Islam. I haven't seen any reports about the Muslim vote in this election but we can be fairly sure almost all of it went to the Leftist and thus determined the outcome.


  1. Escándalo en Austria :

    Y, nuestra querida amiga Merkel, podría estar detrás del fraude en Austria :

    6 moros dan una paliza a una danesa en Marbella in fashionable street :

    1. That incident with the Danish girl in Spain happened years ago. I remember writing about it at the time.