Monday, 2 May 2016

This was a trade union event to celebrate May 1, Labour Day. The Socialist Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas was scheduled to give a speech. But some German patriots had other ideas.
The DGB [trade union] chairperson of the South West Saxony region, was upset. "I have never experienced a trade union demonstration on 1 May having to be protected by the police," she said.


  1. I have asked an engineer I work with from Berlin what his take was on the future of Germany in regards to Merkel, Migrants, and AFD. I didn't let him know I hope the AFD comes to power and institutes a 4th Reich minus the ovens--forcible relocation is the way to go.

    He assured me he likes Merkel, she'll be reelected, and AFD has no hope.

    I'm assuming he's a) lying, thinking it would be --whah whah xenophobic--wrong to say otherwise and supports AFD b) he's telling the truth and we're getting shock headlines. C) the answer lies between a and b.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Your comment says "minus the ovens". Do you mean gas chambers? They never existed anyway.