Tuesday, 17 May 2016

This is an extract from an article in Le Figaro, reporting on an interview the Pope gave to the French Catholic newspaper La Croix.
Last major element of this interview, which also offers greater insight into the Pope's vision of France, the question of Europe's roots, migrants, Islam and secularism. Pope François recognises the "roots" of Europe but "in the plural". When he hears talk of the "Christian roots of Europe", he "fears" a "triumphalist or vengeful" vision, "colonialist". Of course Europe cannot "open the gates wide in an irrational manner" to migrants, it is necessary to be "just and responsible", but "the worst thing" would be to "ghettoise" them, "on the contrary they need to be integrated". With regard to Islam, he thinks that "at bottom coexistence between Christians and Muslims is possible. I come from a country where they live together in pleasant familiarity," and he makes clear: "If a Muslim woman wants to wear the vehicle, she should be able to. Similarly, if a Catholic wants to wear a cross." He concludes: "The small criticism that I would address to France in this respect is the exaggeration of secularism ... France should make a step forward on this subject to accept that the opening up to transcendence is a right for everyone."

I checked the Muslim population of Argentina. It is actually larger than I would have thought.
According to this article (link) about Muslims in Latin America, the first mosque was only built in Argentina 20 years ago, so there must be something different about these Muslims. UPDATE: The full interview is now available in English here (link).


  1. This man has a past history in his home country of Argentina of supporting the left and moslems and jews; thus, an enemy of Christian Europeans. 'Follow the money' is also apt since he mouths the usual EU mantras. As for moslem females wearing the veil, that comes from the Hadiths wherein Mohamed declares that the female is an aw'rat, a 'shameful orifice' which must be covered until the grave covers her and other hadiths mention that after slaughtering the men of a tribe and taking their females as sex slaves, M 'married' the dead chieftain's wife and his people queried if she would become his sex slave or his wife, saying if he 'covered' her from public view, she would be his wife; if left uncovered, she would be his sex slave. He covered her, screening her, and thus she was his 'wife.' This unveils the truth about the islamic veiling of females; the bit in the Koran, about modesty in clothing (for men as for females) gives no inkling of the attitude about females, nor their 'uses' by moslems. Also, there is no 'right' to "transcendence" --- just more left idiocy.

  2. True roots of Europe are pagan, not christian.

    1. Europe's roots are a combination of Romano-Graeco, Christian and pagan; they are emphatically neither jewish nor moslem which is really the central point in this argument. Societal, racial and religious genocide is being inflicted upon European peoples under the guise of various, false contentions about 'roots.'

  3. Para la mayoría de la gente cristiana Roma está sin Santo Padre desde hace mucho tiempo.

    Ya vemos como La Masonería está perdiendo la batalla de todos los frentes abiertos contra Occidente, de forma probatoria. Un ejemplo lo tenemos de forma reciente con la noticia de un país tradicional de Europa católica como Polonia contra el Sionismo.


    Incluso con la intoxicación de la información dentro de los gobiernos masones en Occidente. En Europa habrá una auténtica revolución de efectos incalculables, unos serán partidarios de no ser solidarios con los patriotas occidentales ( para mantener su estatus de todo tipo y maneras ) y otros como subvencionados de las herramientas de La Masonería ( anarquismo, comunismo, feministas, etc ).

    Habrá una auténtica cruzada final mundial, y los signasupervestes estarán presentes en todo el mundo. Ellos nos han llevado, con sus planes inhumanos, a ésta situación desesperada y vital.