Friday, 27 May 2016

Negroes have been making a lot of fuss recently about their supposedly unfair underrepresentation in cinema and television. The argument made is that such underrepresentation can only be the result of improper discrimination by ethnic Europeans and not the result of inadequate performance by the negroes themselves. It is an argument clearly founded on the Equality Cult dogma that people are all the same; that each distinguishable group has the same set of aptitudes and potentials and only unfair discrimination in some form can result in differences in apparent performance.

But how then do we account for the vast overrepresentation of negroes in the field of sport and music? Clearly this also implies an underrepresentation of ethnic Europeans. Is this underrepresentation of Europeans also the result of unfair discrimination? If "white prejudice" prevents negroes scaling the heights in the world of television and cinema, why does this same prejudice not operate with the same effect in sports and music?

And if negroes are allowed to complain that Hollywood's offering is not "nigga" enough, are Europeans entitled to complain that popular music they hear around them is too "nigga"? Some might retort that this is the music people choose to listen to and their free choice validates itself. But, if so, why doesn't this argument also apply to cinema and television?

In the UK there is something called the MOBO awards, MOBO meaning "Music of Black Origin".
The MOBO Award show is held annually in the United Kingdom to recognise artists of any ethnicity or nationality performing black music.
The need for these separate awards can be doubted since, however, there is scarcely any popular music left free of African influence.

Recently, I listened to most of the UK's Top 40 on Spotify.

Probably the majority of these songs featured negro performers. Most of the rest bear a clear negro imprint in their music stylings: bits of rap, hip-hop rhythms, vocal intonations.

If any European dares to express unhappiness about this "Afro supremacy" in public, they would, of course, be jeered at, hounded and, quite possibly, charged with a criminal offence.
Rock has remained an overwhelmingly European form of music. No doubt this is why a rock concert was picked for the Bataclan attack.

Trance, it seems to me, was another truly European form of music. It can't be a coincidence that Breivik was a fan of it. But trance, too, has been increasingly corrupted by the negrofying influence of American house.

Indie, I suppose, is another still European music. I remember an article in the Guardian a few years ago rebuking the Arctic Monkeys for failing to show sufficient negro influence in their sound.

But the African drumbeats grow ever louder, and the European voice is stilled.

Let us conclude with a song from what has been statistically shown to be the "whitest band ever", Glasgow's Belle and Sebastian.