Friday, 27 May 2016

The islamisation of Europe is being promoted in the name of preventing the islamisation of Europe. Soft islamisation is presented as a remedy for jihad. In Germany, there are calls for Islam to be taught in state schools.
The council chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, has spoken in favour of "across-the-board teaching of Islam" in German schools.   
Young Muslim pupils must receive the possibility of engaging critically with the traditions of their religion, said Bedford-Strohm to the magazine "Heilbronner Stimme". "They can learn new things about Islam at the same time - and do this based on the Constitution." That's the best way of immunising young Muslims against the temptations of fundamentalists, he said. 
Either the state or representatives of the religious communities should be responsible for the teaching of Islam. "I wish that Muslims in Germany would arrange things so that there are clear points of contact for the state. Then, just like the Christian churches, the Islamic associations could take care of the religious teaching in schools themselves," said the Bavarian state bishop. It was also right, he said, that more Islamic theological faculties should be founded at public universities. "This will allow critical reflection on Islamic tradition in accordance with scientific criteria," emphasised Bedford-Strohm.

Meanwhile, in France, the teaching of Arabic is being promoted in French schools by the Arab-Muslim Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. The mainstream conservative politician Annie Genevard denounced these reforms in the French parliament.
"At the same time, you are officially introducing the study of the Arabic language into the national curriculum, and through your reform of secondary schools you are reducing the place of French, of the ancient languages that are our roots, or the European languages such as German which would prosper in bilingual classes. This is sure to divide French people..."

Le Monde recently published an opinion piece by Marwan Lahoud and Hakim El Karoui, calling for Arabic to be taught in French schools. This was justified as an anti-radicalisation measure with the claim that, if they didn't learn it in schools, they would learn it in mosques, where they would be subject to influence from jihadis.
In leaving the field clear to religious associations, the Republic gives them resources, because the teaching of Arabic has become an important source of revenue for them. In refusing to teach Arabic, it sends its children into the mosques: a strange idea of being secular and republican. It is time to bring the teaching of Arabic into the school of the Republic.
Turning to the problem of jihad violence, it continues:
Among the many explanations given until now, one is often ignored: lack of culture. Ignorance of the culture of origin allows all sorts of charlatans of the terrorist ideology to present themselves as the "true advocates" of Islam, as the "savants of the religion", as the true masters of Arab culture. 
No miracle solution exists, of course, but we think that the root of this evil must be attacked: ignorance, which the teaching of Arabic can combat.

This is basically the classic Good Cop/Bad Cop routine the Muslims specialise in: jihadis put the frighteners on, Muslims get more cash and privileges. Or to put it another way: it's an extortion racket.


  1. Hay un problema, entre otros más, de orden técnico, se trata de ignorancia.

    Ignorancia porque ya desde hace décadas numerosos expertos en la temática del Islam --- doctores --- han informado de que la Yihad es simplemente el Islam, uno de sus principios básicos ; que todas las sectas y ramas del Islam reconocen.

    Yihad es sinónimo de la fuerza y promoción, y el Islam es sometimiento.

    Ya lo he dicho que los políticos occidentales están vendidos al proyecto sionista de destruir Occidente, y naturalmente Roma hace tiempo que ha dejado de ser Roma, es otra cosa.

    Saludos Diversity, fenomenal sitio de noticias compartidas. Protección siempre.

  2. Love the blog and the work you do. Always inciting and interesting clips that I don't see anywhere else and I'm very grateful you translate them. I have a request if it is possible that you increase the font-size in your posts because it is very small and hard to read unless I magnify the page. Just think it would help get more readers too.

  3. Yes, but if we hadn't had any Bananas, there wouldn't be any Bananas, today.